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Jeremia Castillo
Jeremia Castillo Minut tagasi
We can be heroes is the funniest movie I like it alot a lot a lot a lot
Black states of America
Black states of America Minut tagasi
Malcolm is my hero
lisa only ace
lisa only ace 3 minutit tagasi
lisoo goes hard
A_TheatreNerd 6 minutit tagasi
Juliana Böning
Juliana Böning 11 minutit tagasi
By the way der Russe in dem Film ist richtig heiß😅
beny 16 minutit tagasi
0:55 both rosé and jennie having gay panics are the death of me
makss saks
makss saks 16 minutit tagasi
Rosé always giving 100% of herself 😘
Esteban González López
Esteban González López 17 minutit tagasi
Estas señoras se parecen a mis tías las del rancho
Kekesstrong survivor
Kekesstrong survivor 19 minutit tagasi
"High yellow Heffa yes it still exist in 2021 & 2022 as well smh! Inner Cultural Racism💯🍷.
Islamic Talks
Islamic Talks 25 minutit tagasi
Please make a to all the boys I have loved before 4 please please Netflix please we want it soooo much
Shayane Caballero
Shayane Caballero 29 minutit tagasi
Watching this interview after listening to his Southerner accent in the movie is wild
shivam garg
shivam garg 34 minutit tagasi
he knows english but doesn't know internet facebook.
Mendoza Kayla
Mendoza Kayla 36 minutit tagasi
I already saw this on Netflix
Dilnaz Kenzhebaeva
Dilnaz Kenzhebaeva 37 minutit tagasi
Music name?
Vorze2k- 41 minut tagasi
I’ve watch this 8 times already and I’m not even bored of it
Deivid Gualberto
Deivid Gualberto 42 minutit tagasi
Am i the only person who think the girl who play Emma is similar to Bette Davis?
So i see 200 times the movie i love is the best movie
Saliha Raheem
Saliha Raheem 51 minut tagasi
Can I be an actor plz
Doug Cuevas
Doug Cuevas 52 minutit tagasi
I Love edit
DTS Gaming
DTS Gaming 56 minutit tagasi
I love this movie it’s my favourite at the moment
Kenmas Ultimate Waifu
Kenmas Ultimate Waifu Tund tagasi
"gays like to watch straight people get killed" as a pansexual i can confirm
Minx 72
Minx 72 Tund tagasi
When I had Lucian's story, he didn't feel like the bad guy that he was introduced as. Viktor literally killed his own daughter and his unborn grandchild with slight remorse. I hated Viktor after that and I felt bad for Lucian, Sonya and their unborn child.
Ester e Brincadeiras
Ester e Brincadeiras Tund tagasi
aff perdi meu tempo
Victor sousa
Victor sousa Tund tagasi
Amphitrite Tund tagasi
When you can understand japanese because of watching anime 😂😂
N I Tund tagasi
Is this on Netflix now??
Kobethemaster20 Tund tagasi
How did noodles mom get captured she just turned invisible
Les Rudman
Les Rudman Tund tagasi
I watched this and its an amazinh movie they should make another one
AS asiqan
AS asiqan Tund tagasi
omg !! Rosé is so pretty and her hair flips is 🔥
Melissa Munoz
Melissa Munoz Tund tagasi
Charles a d Camilla are still PIGS... Long live the Peoples princess. Diana Never Forgotten...
Hatem Mokhtar
Hatem Mokhtar Tund tagasi
1:28 missy's wave got ms
Melis lydia Emiroğlu
Melis lydia Emiroğlu Tund tagasi
Uriiii rosé sooo pretty #rosédeservebetter #turkishfansélovésyou #allmyloveisgone #rs1solo #ourqueenroséisbaaaack #ROSÉ #로제
DK_kenny 11
DK_kenny 11 Tund tagasi
Doesnt walt die in el camino
Tadhg Daly
Tadhg Daly Tund tagasi
well we can officially say 2021 won't be so bad after all, even during a pandemic!
Elif Çobanoğlu
Elif Çobanoğlu Tund tagasi
1.05 she sead shit
yester years
yester years Tund tagasi
Whether you are a queen or a princess whether you are a common man or a beggar the most dreadful moment in your life is when you realise that you are being cheated by your husband and it's so painful that to acknowledge that the love attention & time for you the mother of his children are diverted to an intruder....Having lived in a gulf country have seen Richmen being disloyal & not committed to their wives....these ladies weep under their was heartbreaking to see such incidents in my professional life.....whether rich or poor man or woman should be descent enough to show commitment in their family life...
Shantae Townsel
Shantae Townsel Tund tagasi
senaas y
senaas y 2 tundi tagasi
This thumbnail breaks my heart , innocent girl 😭I can feel that beautiful angels pain ,as I was also In that situation before ,and hiding all this pain and smiling infront of camera is horrible and hell😭rest in peace Diana mam.❤️
Whitney Williams
Whitney Williams 2 tundi tagasi
I think all of them are fine, vanilla and chocolate are my favorite lol😂😂.
Blog da isa
Blog da isa 2 tundi tagasi
Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
i đ y ł ł i ç
i đ y ł ł i ç 2 tundi tagasi
If she really wanted to do this, she could’ve at least had the main characters cast as “18 to play 11” or something...
actren Klaxen
actren Klaxen 2 tundi tagasi
Rosé dances always catch my attention most in blackpink ❤😻
WJ Freestylers
WJ Freestylers 2 tundi tagasi
Nathan:And now I’m a toaster I love being a toaster u help people in the morning
Alondra Riquelme
Alondra Riquelme 2 tundi tagasi
Aparte me gustó mucho la película y felicito mucho al que hizo esta película de verdad Me encantó mucho Esta película
Alivia Graham
Alivia Graham 2 tundi tagasi
Ok I’m journey young like her
Nazmul Kazi
Nazmul Kazi 2 tundi tagasi
I love this movie 🍿
Shaq Malakhy
Shaq Malakhy 2 tundi tagasi
This scene is overrated my parents does this everyday and theyre not even actors 😂😂
laliNL 2 tundi tagasi
I love me ken be hiros
Lord Scott
Lord Scott 2 tundi tagasi
1:28 Dandapani sound-alike there...
Bel Air Scents
Bel Air Scents 2 tundi tagasi
Joe Pesci was majestic🏆
Zema Love Fire
Zema Love Fire 2 tundi tagasi
To the millineals, this movie School Daze was made in the 80's by Spike Lee. It's a historic movie showing the struggles of peer pressure and colorism. It's a brilliant piece of work! Check the whole movie out! To the 35 and ova crew who remembers this movie, some of y'all need to calm down! This movie exposed the truth and will ALWAYS have a place in cinematic history! You should be happy to introduce such a film to the younger generations to open up a healthy discussion about colorism and peer pressure! I can create a class around this, and I am! I'm 40yrs old and I mentor young black girl's! 🦋🙌🏾🙏🏾🌷
O Mundo da Bia Paiva
O Mundo da Bia Paiva 2 tundi tagasi
Love tom felton love draco malfoy
txnywoniii 2 tundi tagasi
Blackpink: *doing choreo* Cameraman: hm.. That shoes are perfect!
Anthony Thao
Anthony Thao 2 tundi tagasi
It's super awesome once it came to Netflix I watched it then I was addicted to the movie and I don't want it remove
636 JoStar
636 JoStar 2 tundi tagasi
in a *sooT?*
Eldana Abdigani
Eldana Abdigani 2 tundi tagasi
АкккккккккккккккккекеекккккккеекккеееекгкннеғкңаңңееғағғғкрвпкекккңадкьакпкркенееыркоакөкаэккЪкаьк кк кканыккгккрькдкккненкщккткраакаиккккьккккшккккк
Cristina Dogliotti
Cristina Dogliotti 2 tundi tagasi
Mujer interesante aún hoy 🙌
Jalak Patel
Jalak Patel 2 tundi tagasi
I like that they are together
Only Jesus Can Save Us
Only Jesus Can Save Us 2 tundi tagasi
John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9-10 9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Amen! Repent and turn from sin!! Follow God's sacred 10 Commandments! Time is running out.
Robin Varner
Robin Varner 2 tundi tagasi
Someone wrote and Choreographed a Whole Song and Dance, But Some people will tell you these problems Don't exist.😒Yet so Fun to Watch. Our Women are Captivating.💖😁👏👏
Alexia King
Alexia King 2 tundi tagasi
I love the money but this scene is cringe 😬
Brett Pavel
Brett Pavel 2 tundi tagasi
OMG. This is a true treasure. Don't miss it.
Campbell Ure
Campbell Ure 3 tundi tagasi
My favourite superhero is acapella and miss cuz Miss helps everybody get together and not fight and acapella she can sing really low and make things float she can sing really high
Terry Scott
Terry Scott 3 tundi tagasi
That movie was so bad i never made it past 30 mins. Let alone 4 hours. Bunch of washed up has beens.
Латиф Гасанов
Латиф Гасанов 3 tundi tagasi
I love you BLACKPINK
Nevaeh Shuck
Nevaeh Shuck 3 tundi tagasi
Theresa Walker
Theresa Walker 3 tundi tagasi
She came from Broadway to Victorious to now something she wanted to become. She made it and I love her. I've stan her ever since the victorious ages. I love her and I'm glad shes even bigger than this now❤
Sonny Din
Sonny Din 3 tundi tagasi
Joe Pesci deserves an Oscar - at long last.
TrueWorshiper of YAH
TrueWorshiper of YAH 3 tundi tagasi
This was my absolute favorite part of the movie.. when I was younger me and my sister would reenact the entire dance! Love It!
Rick Ambriz
Rick Ambriz 3 tundi tagasi
Mickilic yes
Mickilic yes 3 tundi tagasi
More of this please. Made my day.
Deepa Srinivasan
Deepa Srinivasan 3 tundi tagasi
Diana's sisters misguided her.
Alondra Riquelme
Alondra Riquelme 3 tundi tagasi
Ya visto la película y me gusta mucho el personaje de acapela porque yo soy de esas personas que canta mucho y me gustó mucho el personaje aparte porque puede aser flotar todo
Fabricio Solorzano
Fabricio Solorzano 3 tundi tagasi
Elonda Morgan
Elonda Morgan 3 tundi tagasi
I love this scene but without the movie it's just showing the separation of light & dark black women. Is this really the right time 4 this? Or am I just thinking 2 far?
Elonda Morgan
Elonda Morgan 2 tundi tagasi
@Zema Love Fire I get it that why I asked don't want 2 missguided anyone maybe this is the way 2 explain it to our future. Again thank you.
Zema Love Fire
Zema Love Fire 2 tundi tagasi
@Elonda Morgan For clarity, I get what you're feeling and saying but this movie was iconic in exposing our reality of colorism and peer pressure to fit in. I mentor young black girl's in Atlanta and this opens up a great discussion for self worth and how to avoid peer pressure in the moment. We should introduce this film to the younger generations as a learning tool. 🌹🦋🌷
Elonda Morgan
Elonda Morgan 2 tundi tagasi
thank you I appreciate the truth
Zema Love Fire
Zema Love Fire 2 tundi tagasi
U R taking it too far..u asked..
Eleanor Clark
Eleanor Clark 3 tundi tagasi
this mans name is not trent oliver and its not even andrew rannells its act 3 kevin price who is now an lgbtq+ activist and is happily married to connor mckinley no one's changing my mind
lucy Jay
lucy Jay 3 tundi tagasi
The gag is 95 percent of their hair looked a hot mess
Nidhi 3 tundi tagasi
DRY G. 3 tundi tagasi
Her voice...
kemix0711 3 tundi tagasi
This, THIS scene. This answers the alleged “paradox”. Suck on THAT, hate groups!