Glitterbomb 3.0 vs. Porch Pirates
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SCIENCE CLASS #4- How to Waterproof Your Hand
SCIENCE CLASS #3- Why is the Sky Blue?
Liam Schiesaro
Liam Schiesaro Tund tagasi
Why did he quit at nasa
Richard Leknes
Richard Leknes Tund tagasi
Why would the staff member ban the drone? What a downer.
Juan Fonseca
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This is like Falling Movie, convience store scene: children think he's cheating but the real cheater is the owner programming how often the cyclone will give jackpots
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I don’t know you, but I just subscribed without even watching the profile for watching the best video I have ever seen. Great content!
Mark Villanueva
Mark Villanueva Tund tagasi
wait a minute you did not say the 2 that were in last place for bringing wallets???????????????
ryan hannigan
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Mayraduu Ochoaqryi
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ro real
John Herman
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You are amazing! The world is a better place because of you!
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Stealing a package and opening it inside the house making a mess- that’s called *Karma* 😌✨
Adam Pavlovich
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I work with a gentleman that worked carnivals as a kid. He is able to shoot the red star out quite regularly. His key is learning where the gun "misses" when you aim, then compensate for it. Given a few attempts, he can do it at pretty much any booth.
Noah Sabaj
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hey may 24th is my birthday nice
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To the 22K people who disliked, Why?
Sandy Yu
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Med Ac
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How to survive a grenade blast, just build a pool around the grenade that was thrown.
Ryan MD
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lol over 70% of beef is fat not protein. Which is far more essential for survival and a healthy life style. Watch any survival show or discovery. The thing any predator eats first on its kill is fat and fatty organs. You can get protein from a million things. Its natural animal fat which carries acid that's help the body process and utilize the proteins and other minerals etc found in meat. None of which are near as efficient in plants if they even have any.
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A pandemia mim trouxe aqui kkkk
Sandy Yu
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Deez is the morn
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The record was 64 yards he tied the record
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LED FNF 2 tundi tagasi
thatveganteacher is typing...
Milk Manson
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4 car length penalty for cutting wood with a hacksaw, sorry.
Joao Vitor Silva
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McDermott Edmundo
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Ethan Flippin’ Arnold
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Let’s admire how this man went out of his way to sync his cutting with the music 0:45
Joseph Royster
Joseph Royster 2 tundi tagasi
He has helped send 3 rovers to mars
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WHAT YALL DO TO GET THAT HUMAN BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Benji Reaves
Benji Reaves 2 tundi tagasi
Is this plane actually flying
Toaster 2 tundi tagasi
15:23 phantastic gus looks like big chungus
Puppy Lover
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For some reason when I think of him I think of him as my uncle
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G.A. Wells
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This video is why EEpost was invented.
Regor Ines
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Sneak peek for the future
Megan Adams
Megan Adams 2 tundi tagasi
Megan Adams
Megan Adams 2 tundi tagasi
Draw My Thing
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Mia Qwin
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MARK IS BIGGGG BRAIN LIKE NOT KIDDING, And me not even knowing what 2+2= is
BAOQIANG Li 2 tundi tagasi
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Daphne White
Daphne White 2 tundi tagasi
Best video ever!
Theodore Merrick
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uptoyour head
Eva Irene
Eva Irene 2 tundi tagasi
Rip the truck
JoeyandLindsay 2 tundi tagasi
As much as I love pork and beef, just thinking about those animals standing in one place like prisoners up until they're slaughtered is enough for me to make a change with my eating habits.
Gemma Martiskainen
Gemma Martiskainen 2 tundi tagasi
But why did he leave his truck so close to the funnel??!
Barry Fredrick
Barry Fredrick 2 tundi tagasi
*I made a potato launcher once,* it was the highlight of my short lived science career.
Wu Simon
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ayyy phantastic gus is big boi
Joseph Royster
Joseph Royster 2 tundi tagasi
I almost died when he started figuring who was in the vehicle
CalebChan 2 tundi tagasi
Plot twist: Its actual meat
Minghan Zhang
Minghan Zhang 2 tundi tagasi
People: Truck are you ok? Truck: Ya I'm ok, I'm Toyota
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In the major leagues, if 3rd-base coaches suspect their signs are being stolen, they usually have a pattern of signs to indicate a "reset" of the sign language, and will use the next series of real and dummy signs to rebuild the sign language real-time from nothing. I know this because I worked in minor league baseball, and this was something the young guys coming up through the ranks really had to work at to learn, so they talked about it fairly regularly, and if MiLB has it, so does MLB. Challenge issued to your AI to resolve the Chinese Room Problem.
5up3rj 3 tundi tagasi
Artificial sweeteners in pool water means pee. Also, there might be artificial sweeteners in the drinking water...
Zeus Otarola Sandoval
Zeus Otarola Sandoval 3 tundi tagasi
Dani love you EEpost video
Rabbat 3 tundi tagasi
"what will i get if i drink the water" "$20" "Ohh okay" *Nasty bottle of water has not so much water after transition*
Zeus Otarola Sandoval
Zeus Otarola Sandoval 3 tundi tagasi
Love you did is so cool
Zeus Otarola Sandoval
Zeus Otarola Sandoval 3 tundi tagasi
Some like not f
Joseph Royster
Joseph Royster 3 tundi tagasi
So that’s we’re that club came from
Zeus Otarola Sandoval
Zeus Otarola Sandoval 3 tundi tagasi
I love lt!
Zeus Otarola Sandoval
Zeus Otarola Sandoval 3 tundi tagasi
Is too wooooow!
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EEEK!!!LOVE THIS!!!😁✌💫🔅❇
Nicholas Mine
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Derrick Tree
Derrick Tree 3 tundi tagasi
Love it
rick lulu
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My pool is 100% pee but that instrument reads 0% that is because I don't drink diet sodas
Dorian Alexander
Dorian Alexander 3 tundi tagasi
Blinded Astroligi
Blinded Astroligi 3 tundi tagasi
And they say paper cuts dont hurt 🙄
dashe boy
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rick lulu
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I just count how many beers I drank . That's how I know how many cups of pee is in there.
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"Mano a mano" a kicking competition
Ben Guthrie
Ben Guthrie 3 tundi tagasi
As soon as he said when the next pandemic comes I was like ummm WERE IN FREAKING QUARENTINE NOW
Kamala Harrassment
Kamala Harrassment 3 tundi tagasi
Many of these people will pay with their souls.
Cat Goes Gaming
Cat Goes Gaming 3 tundi tagasi
7:14-7:18 Foreshadowing... (Perseverance's drop)
Lori Schwager
Lori Schwager 3 tundi tagasi
why do people even dislike this-
It’s pancake playz yt
It’s pancake playz yt 3 tundi tagasi
I always wanted to work at NASA.
名my 3 tundi tagasi
Sand More Like Sans
static surge
static surge 3 tundi tagasi
Curly Girl
Curly Girl 3 tundi tagasi
Me: I wish I could have some summer fun. Also me:*stares outside and sees 10 centimetres of snow* 😐
jj 21
jj 21 3 tundi tagasi
were did he get that human blood???
ham bat
ham bat 3 tundi tagasi
Phantastic gus is my spirit animal
Samuel Graber
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Please come out with that ice cream thing on ur store i would so buy it
Aaron Toles
Aaron Toles 3 tundi tagasi
17:58, the best response lol
Connor WInstanley
Connor WInstanley 3 tundi tagasi
khloe hui
khloe hui 3 tundi tagasi
OMG!!! :D I Play With Tinker Creat Also It's So Much Fun My First Toy Was The Spinning Propeller What About You? And I Also Got Tinker Creat From My Mom For My B-day!