Top PLAYS Of The Week | Week 4
PlayedForever OSHIT
PlayedForever OSHIT 6 tundi tagasi
I swear all the dunk contests looks the same
Ambalavanan T
Ambalavanan T 6 tundi tagasi
Doesn't he have a sore throat after this??
virgil ass
virgil ass 6 tundi tagasi
Lebron have a lot scene more than the finals mvp
Sedrick Murray
Sedrick Murray 6 tundi tagasi
9-0 on the road. Such a great start
evan rolan
evan rolan 6 tundi tagasi
Lebrun is always number one
Inf3rNo 6 tundi tagasi
More Lebron busting pls
Liger Dave
Liger Dave 6 tundi tagasi
Am I the only one seeing him traveled in his first play? NBA... what a joke these days
Mr Jeffers
Mr Jeffers 6 tundi tagasi
Laker24Nation BlackMamba
Laker24Nation BlackMamba 6 tundi tagasi
They barely won,against a team with no herro,butler and AB.Not impressed tbh😭
Amon Simpatico
Amon Simpatico 6 tundi tagasi
this video doesn't do justice to His Airness.
Joel A
Joel A 6 tundi tagasi
Hayward, Beal, Sexton, Curry, and Adebayo, what next?
okun oratokhai
okun oratokhai 6 tundi tagasi
why does that guy Capaso have a Nigerian first name ?
Menchie Garcenila
Menchie Garcenila 6 tundi tagasi
No call reffere jamal murray?
Rich Manley
Rich Manley 6 tundi tagasi
STOP being happy go lucky out there Embid ur mindset every night should be 40 who can stick u who can't u stick like c'mon man let's go
Linda Burgin
Linda Burgin 6 tundi tagasi
Nice game rockets
Bobby Real
Bobby Real 6 tundi tagasi
Go Lakers & AD !!!!!!! 🍻🏀 213 323
Jaguar Kid
Jaguar Kid 6 tundi tagasi
Bam is like a bigger D-Wade
denzel gregoire
denzel gregoire 6 tundi tagasi
The annoying cd intraperitonally exist because burst lovely battle given a demonic war. elderly, eight angora
Mason Bell
Mason Bell 6 tundi tagasi
What he talk like 🤣🤣14 :14 what a pass
AshstinMartinn 6 tundi tagasi
Let's get it boogie...Thats my Huston Rockets team..since 92. it doesn't matter who plays 4 my team as long the individual put in great effort...Win lose or from Cali
Paul Ansel
Paul Ansel 6 tundi tagasi
Jokić or Embiid, which center would you use to build a team around?
Chris John Guyo
Chris John Guyo 7 tundi tagasi
Deandre for Tacko please
mike Dprodigy
mike Dprodigy 7 tundi tagasi
Joe Harris man, so inspirational man
Everton Henry
Everton Henry 7 tundi tagasi
Boog was ballin. Time to take back the title “BEST BIG IN THE LEAGUE”
cris Froese
cris Froese 7 tundi tagasi
Jamal Murray was also fouled should be 4 pt play and a winner.
ELEAZAR SUTIN 7 tundi tagasi
I like kd and jh13 rather than irving on the court.
Stacy 21
Stacy 21 7 tundi tagasi
This guy is something else. Thanks to EEpost we can still remember his amazing play 👐
aaron christopher
aaron christopher 7 tundi tagasi
Bullying works. Cooked this nigga soo bad he remembered who he was lol
Joshua Miguel Roa
Joshua Miguel Roa 7 tundi tagasi
Who is still watching this 2021?
Jonathan Scoli
Jonathan Scoli 7 tundi tagasi
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John Mike
John Mike 6 tundi tagasi
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Virgil Tracy
Virgil Tracy 6 tundi tagasi
This is helpful, thanks...Gotta message her right away
John Kelly
John Kelly 6 tundi tagasi
+1 3 5 2 7 5 9 4 7 1 4
Coin Bureau
Coin Bureau 6 tundi tagasi
For assistance you can connect her on WhatsApp 👇👇👇👇
Rose Nelly
Rose Nelly 6 tundi tagasi
that's interesting, anyway to connect with her? I have to get started
JonTheSinner 7 tundi tagasi
hot take: zion and lonzo has reached their peak. @ me
Slender Man
Slender Man 7 tundi tagasi
Brandon Ingram has an extra extension of arms when he attacks the rim
mike Dprodigy
mike Dprodigy 7 tundi tagasi
Dang man steph is a great shooter n all but i really hope no one EVER compares him to lebron EVER again.
Carl 7 tundi tagasi
I gotta say I’m impressed with the Pistons, we got the W, but damn they played a great game on us
Aiden Meyer
Aiden Meyer 7 tundi tagasi
Lebrons dunk should not have been on this list
Amon Simpatico
Amon Simpatico 7 tundi tagasi
kobe is a genius being a proud copycat of MJ.
javious thicklen
javious thicklen 7 tundi tagasi
Vinz Mata
Vinz Mata 7 tundi tagasi
Clippers are doing great under the radar. Most people would like to see the Lakers and Nets in the Finals. The Clippers might just foil the hype by coming out on top of the West.
Chris Shen
Chris Shen 7 tundi tagasi
Murray travelled
Amon Simpatico
Amon Simpatico 7 tundi tagasi
you've seen Jordan, you've seen the best basketball has to offer..
Allcoat Painting
Allcoat Painting 7 tundi tagasi
eastern conference final this year!!
Smile for me Please
Smile for me Please 7 tundi tagasi
1:06 get bodied... BIG BODY!
Timothy Eli Cada
Timothy Eli Cada 7 tundi tagasi
6:49 Kyrie: "Ah yes... that.. that was a passs..."
Sammy Antoine
Sammy Antoine 7 tundi tagasi
I see why derozan deserves a 82 place
glorydproductions 7 tundi tagasi
They gone keep losing the better start lamelo
colt 24
colt 24 7 tundi tagasi
Did u notice that boogie traveled after John walls miss from three.
Spectra 7 tundi tagasi
nets defense tho
Vladyslav Kurbatskyy
Vladyslav Kurbatskyy 7 tundi tagasi
Ethan Pettit
Ethan Pettit 7 tundi tagasi
Imagine when Curry scored 63 it was against the Nets. He would score 87
Ghost ._.
Ghost ._. 7 tundi tagasi
I’m so happy to see the rockets play and I can’t wait to watch the wall and Vic duo
young Da
young Da 7 tundi tagasi
Mavs couldn't stop a nose bleed. Luka defensively is just really trash.
turboash78 7 tundi tagasi
When you can't think of anything to say just say "ok" a bunch of times and annoy everyone.
luigi 7 tundi tagasi
Treasure this moment coz this ain't happenin again😂
Elie BECHARA 7 tundi tagasi
Here from SB Nation
J. Ramirez
J. Ramirez 7 tundi tagasi
On defense, the pelicans look like toreros, let the bull get past them
forealz18 7 tundi tagasi
Edwin Byamugisha
Edwin Byamugisha 7 tundi tagasi
These fouls suck , plus Jordan needs to go
Mayhem666 7 tundi tagasi
Bullshit to put à casual dunk from the pseudo goat at #1 🤦🏻‍♂️ Murray should be at #1
pacman 7 tundi tagasi
80% cousin will be good for Rockets and hope he can come back more strong and prove the haters wrong
IrokSteady 7 tundi tagasi
The unblock-able shot.
Lil Gary108
Lil Gary108 7 tundi tagasi
But they still trying to figure it out. How to play together
Lil Gary108
Lil Gary108 7 tundi tagasi
For the Nets to win they Need KYRIE!! Just Facts
Al & Essty Sanchez
Al & Essty Sanchez 7 tundi tagasi
This what happens after James harden says “ this can’t be fixed “ (my team sucks is basically what he said )
John Derek Natividad
John Derek Natividad 7 tundi tagasi
Wyatt Sims
Wyatt Sims 7 tundi tagasi
I was watching the game yesterday, the rockets got so lucky with their 3 point shots 😂
Gilet Jaune
Gilet Jaune 7 tundi tagasi
Toujours ce privilège sur lebron james ... il aurait fait un lay up il aurait été top1
Nathan Cramer
Nathan Cramer 7 tundi tagasi
These fucking refs nowadays...
J. Ramirez
J. Ramirez 7 tundi tagasi
On several occasions, the Wolves simply got past their defenders, Pelicans don’t know how to stay in front of the offensive player
C A 7 tundi tagasi
Gobert another level block
Jee Dee
Jee Dee 7 tundi tagasi
Such an impressive shot off the pass and guarded.
Jason Crocker
Jason Crocker 7 tundi tagasi
Bam is a future Top 5-10 player in the league. No Ceiling
deathwished13 7 tundi tagasi
No offense but cavs games don't feel right without Fred😔
NATURALTALENT 7 tundi tagasi
Damn Zion got blocked lmao