SEMA 360 Recap | West Coast Customs
West Coast Customs X Faze Clan
9 місяців tagasi
West Coast Masters  | West Coast Customs
Ferris Bueller
Ferris Bueller 23 tundi tagasi
Why didn't they use the BeDazzler.. like not even one sparkley stone anywhere?... And does it come with a green Velour Track Suit ? Pimps all over the country are drooling............
monkaGIGA 23 tundi tagasi
The panel gap is atrocious
Aaron_KR 23 tundi tagasi
I work in car design industry and I can tell you, the person who is responsible for this design got to be the last person to do anything with car design
Royal Rec'Or
Royal Rec'Or Päev tagasi
The car looks extremely good
RobotB0B Päev tagasi
Very unique I love it! Might not look the best but you ain’t ever gonna see 2 of these.
Ferris Bueller
Ferris Bueller 23 tundi tagasi
let's hope so...
Eric Valverde Rosado
Eric Valverde Rosado Päev tagasi
Everything's cool guys but that Faze rims are disgusting...very disgusting
Eric Valverde Rosado
Eric Valverde Rosado Päev tagasi
Is it me or the hood is not sitting flush with the front ?
M S Päev tagasi
Where will he drive this? California?!? LMFAO...hope it comes bulletproof
dot10k Päev tagasi
Unbelievably ugly. A total waste of time and money. No class, no taste.
Jerico Gonzales
Jerico Gonzales Päev tagasi
Anyone else wondering how he going replace a flat tire?
RycK fs
RycK fs Päev tagasi
Que mal gosto credo kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkk
weirdo 25
weirdo 25 Päev tagasi
Why Quavo look like Metro Boomin?
Sharon Bowers
Sharon Bowers Päev tagasi
What happens if you get a flat tire? Who would you trust to change it?
Jonn Webb
Jonn Webb Päev tagasi
Nah this shit is nuts
QDTREEN Päev tagasi
Apparently the rims are worth $10k but you would never know 😂💯✨✨✨
Puzzled Snowman
Puzzled Snowman Päev tagasi
Fyi: if you want to attract business you should not have made a video showing how it took you 3 years to make a car worse then it was when you started "customizing".
Youa Glizzy gobbla
Youa Glizzy gobbla Päev tagasi
I love the wheel covers and lowering but other than that it looks pretty goofy
Puzzled Snowman
Puzzled Snowman Päev tagasi
Exactly what I expected from them. Although I'm surprised it didn't blow bubbles out of the exhaust and have glass packs. Just a little advice, when someone brings you a Rolls Royce and says "pimp my ride" you slap them in the face and tell them it isn't a Honda civic, Rolls Royce are born pimped.
Mister Miracle
Mister Miracle Päev tagasi
It really is a sight to behold.
OriginalNoseBleed Päev tagasi
That awful I'd ask for my money back
A.C Production
A.C Production Päev tagasi
So clean
Nathan Hunter
Nathan Hunter Päev tagasi
One simple word “TRASH”
John Savarda
John Savarda Päev tagasi
Hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce the ugliest car I've ever seen! Talk about rich people burning through money just because they can! Immoral!
Up north Viking
Up north Viking Päev tagasi
Justin if you ever see this,lets start a shop and show these guys they are clowns!
SP88 Tips
SP88 Tips Päev tagasi
That front grill is next level disappointing
WeAre138 Päev tagasi
Gay. West Coast Customs is dogshit.
J Jaxz
J Jaxz Päev tagasi
Cant be more ugly, original one are way better desing XD
VectorNinja1 Päev tagasi
I know we all have our opinions but it's a good car is a concept they made to life I like it for that reason alone I think it's cool its a classic take on a modern car the wheel covers are an old school thing
King Kool Savas 21
King Kool Savas 21 Päev tagasi
ang marko
ang marko Päev tagasi
its looks like a RR made in china No offense
nikhil maraj
nikhil maraj Päev tagasi
I'd rather a fiat 500
Danijel Hrup
Danijel Hrup Päev tagasi
This is the fuglyest car I ever saw ... ok this and Fiat Multipla
Mikunt Izitchie
Mikunt Izitchie Päev tagasi
God that looks sooooo stupid!
Eldar Ismailov
Eldar Ismailov Päev tagasi
3 years to make fake Rolls-Royce from real 😂😂
Ridwan H
Ridwan H Päev tagasi
To me, the front is ugly. It's just my opinion.
Mikunt Izitchie
Mikunt Izitchie Päev tagasi
Kid has zero taste in car aesthetics
MrDarkone713 Päev tagasi
Man hell nah
Craig Walker
Craig Walker Päev tagasi
Shite end of
Justin Chambers
Justin Chambers Päev tagasi
Absolutely amazing... job of ruining a Roller.
J Hig
J Hig Päev tagasi
When you've got so much money you can have any build and it turns out totally shit hahaha
Weezy Felder
Weezy Felder Päev tagasi
That car trash I’m sorry 3 years for nothing
SkyClad Päev tagasi
The could of at least stanced it
Xtr3miX Päev tagasi
My Dream car ;) good job
Bin Dang
Bin Dang Päev tagasi
Just saw this in person, ugly af.
Michael Rich
Michael Rich Päev tagasi
Im a vehicle wrapper in the uk, that chrome vinyl is so easy to f**k up from over heating and over stretching and why I refuse to use it… because I have to pay for my mistakes and at over £60 per meter I’ll end up paying for the job lol. Great job 👏
azerty ytreza
azerty ytreza Päev tagasi
What a fugly shitbox
Mike G
Mike G Päev tagasi
watch at 10:01 when he slams the hood shut the "new" grill shakes like a flimsy piece of sheet metal
Mike G
Mike G Päev tagasi
first off that IS NOT monster truck high, someone needs to slap ryan, then they put these baby wheels on it that smaller than stock, and when he said i wanna be able to drive thru anything, it needs a front grill metal guard like a cop car
Shdeed Zohco
Shdeed Zohco Päev tagasi
Looks ugly to be honest
Cue Päev tagasi
1950 mercury an convertable s class are 👌❤🔥🔥🔥
Alex Z
Alex Z Päev tagasi
Respect to time and dedication but its fuck ugly lol
krisztiantth Päev tagasi
Ugly as fuck
Robs Archery World
Robs Archery World Päev tagasi
blackwagon18 Päev tagasi
Should've bagged it
ZaWardo Päev tagasi
This looks like Justin Bieber played too much Cyberpunk.
DAMIEN JOHN Päev tagasi
What a fuckall waste..🙄
Robert Estelle
Robert Estelle Päev tagasi
The disgusting middle contrarily owe because bedroom biologically open excluding a wrong bowl. rambunctious, probable soap
Mahesh Nath
Mahesh Nath Päev tagasi
They transformed a cupcake into 💩
MileHighSi Päev tagasi
Did you actually say that it looks best in the dark? I agree but after spending 3 years making something I’d keep that opinion to myself.
deffkidd Päev tagasi
Mike Dean ain't smoke in this video? that ain't him
Phumlani Mtshali
Phumlani Mtshali Päev tagasi
If nightmare on elm street was a car
Okie Dent Dude
Okie Dent Dude Päev tagasi
So lame
Javon Watkins
Javon Watkins Päev tagasi
Wcc this is ugly af
Raymond Petrovits
Raymond Petrovits Päev tagasi
F Justin Bieber
muxammad mursal warsame 4
muxammad mursal warsame 4 Päev tagasi
How does it turn, and why didn't they show it
Sean Gallagher
Sean Gallagher Päev tagasi
waste of time and money, but hey look you are different. wowwwwww lol
Lartimus Päev tagasi
Mateusz Skrzypczak
Mateusz Skrzypczak Päev tagasi
ZION RAH Päev tagasi
Well Justin is fucked if he ever gets a flat tyre 🤔🤣
SAAD hussain
SAAD hussain Päev tagasi
How to fuck up a perfect car🙄
Dennis Temple
Dennis Temple Päev tagasi
It's CRAP - more money than sense.
Nino Divino Tuason
Nino Divino Tuason Päev tagasi
Gamuchirayi Maravanyika
Gamuchirayi Maravanyika Päev tagasi
how to ruin a Royce
Andre Fairweather
Andre Fairweather Päev tagasi
Torn as to wether or not I like this car but it wasn’t built for me and others need to remember that. Have more of an appreciation for it though now I can see how much work went into it.
Black Night100
Black Night100 Päev tagasi
Wow! I mean WOW!! Anyone who loves cars cannot help but drool over the beautiful machinery that you have produced here over the years. Only someone with foresight and vision could do this. Thank you sir, for producing, what are, works of art worthy of world renoun.
tulsi bhattarai
tulsi bhattarai Päev tagasi
Counts kustoms are the best... they know the real meaing of art and they make the same product that their customers demand...... they are pure talent.... west coast customs are shit... they fucked up justin’s rolls royce by making it like a fukin spaceship... now its you nick.... ur toyota looks trash... it was better before
Muu Mtt
Muu Mtt Päev tagasi
Looks like a Rolls Royce from GTA 😂
JimmyHolster Päev tagasi
Why the fuck would WCC put this on their channel? It looks like a unicorn took a runny shit on it. I'd be mortified if this rolled out of my shop.
DJ Fuzz
DJ Fuzz Päev tagasi
I'm not convinced it can turn
Neo Temana
Neo Temana Päev tagasi
A lot of people here talk too much when they don't even have half the skill level of the guys at WCC