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Tamsin Coton
Tamsin Coton 11 tundi tagasi
HOLY CRAP Corridor Crew please react to this! eepost.info/my/video/qJymYpxzeamL1m4.html
PursBorg 11 tundi tagasi
Whoa this perfect
Evan Johnston
Evan Johnston 11 tundi tagasi
Niko - I can't wait to work with more 3090s. Meanwhile everyone else is just trying to get access to one.
A Dimitrakopoulos
A Dimitrakopoulos 11 tundi tagasi
can u have shin Godzilla in a
Trashcan Man
Trashcan Man 11 tundi tagasi
Lies. You COPIED Tron in one day. You didn't have to design, just copy. Glossy, CGI designed to mimic reality in videos sucks. It looks plastic, my eyes slide off the image, I lose the story. I don't care. VFX artists no longer serve the story, they think they are the story. Star Wars sucks, Marvel sucks, Disney sucks, CGI sucks. "It was worse than Cats, I'll see it never and never again" paraphrase. CGI works in games, when story is secondary, or tertiary, or better still, irrelevant.
DSM 212
DSM 212 11 tundi tagasi
Is wren getting fat
DaniLikesMilk 11 tundi tagasi
So, they created cheap chinese style plastic products. Nice.
Trevor Ruth
Trevor Ruth 11 tundi tagasi
Is that Clen Fandango??
Sweety Christy
Sweety Christy 11 tundi tagasi
Bro got an idea see all the Shankar movies in Kollywood u will get lot of contents.Love from India🤗😇🤗
Carson Wu
Carson Wu 11 tundi tagasi
So what's the difference between Maya & Blender?
Tharmendra Loganathan
Tharmendra Loganathan 11 tundi tagasi
This is so nostalgic and amazing at the same time !! Nice one, Peter!!
stitch77100 11 tundi tagasi
Hi Guys, thanks for the great video, as usual. I saw one french film on Netflix last week : lost bullet (Balle perdue) and I fought it had some nice fighting sequences and motor stunts. You should take a look, it's not bad, and I have to ad,it I like its style. Also, the opening of Antigang is quite nice and funny. Keep up the good work and thank you
Aathi K7
Aathi K7 11 tundi tagasi
13:42 this is how I feel when I lost my friend's Pen in the class
M 2
M 2 11 tundi tagasi
I watched that vid so much times when I was younger
Sherwen Christopher Pagobo
Sherwen Christopher Pagobo 11 tundi tagasi
EEpost recommending this video, why?
Pixel Players
Pixel Players 11 tundi tagasi
Jennifer Mallory
Jennifer Mallory 11 tundi tagasi
I think he was just born with it
CRISTAW Productions
CRISTAW Productions 11 tundi tagasi
Who is the editor? 😂
InsaneKat108 11 tundi tagasi
4:40 yes, in dog we trust
Nicolas Macilvoy
Nicolas Macilvoy 11 tundi tagasi
*_"My hope is that it respects the original and builds upon it to prove how much better I am at VFX than Sam ever was"_* im dead
Vance Neumann
Vance Neumann 11 tundi tagasi
The Last Samurai is so good
Brady Newberry
Brady Newberry 11 tundi tagasi
It is Ter-mi-na-tor
Brinker 11 tundi tagasi
Peter is so great
Kristiyan Simov
Kristiyan Simov 11 tundi tagasi
I saw a magic trick where the magician lit up a cigar in a man's hand remotely (who was about 15m away from the magician).
M Alexander
M Alexander 11 tundi tagasi
Every other example "_____ is the hardest thing to do."
PrizKing505 11 tundi tagasi
Ok first episode I’ve watched with the new employee and I already love him
Peracality 11 tundi tagasi
When will peter continue tether O-o
Foxy 32
Foxy 32 11 tundi tagasi
Great, yeah I totally didn’t wanna sleep tonight But actually wtf was that looks like something out of a horror film
PRANAV CV 11 tundi tagasi
U guys should definitely watch pulimurugan
Moh Farabi Sudirlan
Moh Farabi Sudirlan 11 tundi tagasi
Bro how to make real texture like 2012 movies
isaac d estrada
isaac d estrada 11 tundi tagasi
It kindly amazing nice work i making the film of nmrih from the game of hl2 mod
JayDee 11 tundi tagasi
"Sam is a very busy man" Sam: "Do you like the rat at the end of my rc car?"
MG Laye
MG Laye 11 tundi tagasi
PLEASE react to MIRZAPUR webseries VFX and gun flashes
KYREN BRITTON 12 tundi tagasi
Man CGI Bruce Lee looking like he from a video game
Vance Neumann
Vance Neumann 12 tundi tagasi
I actually recognized Birdemic just from the truck in the first scene! I love making fun of that movie!
*Mihael64 SSS*
*Mihael64 SSS* 12 tundi tagasi
There is 1 Impostor among us
Hasitha ushan
Hasitha ushan 12 tundi tagasi
Thank u guys...
THEREALBLACKTUX 12 tundi tagasi
Wren made A wrender
Overlord orton
Overlord orton 12 tundi tagasi
Make more Bollywood videos man
Manuel Galarneau
Manuel Galarneau 12 tundi tagasi
I'd like to see animal trainers reacting to good and bad real life animal scenes. Specific suggestion, the Once upon A Time in The West opening fly scene.
Brent Joshua Nanol
Brent Joshua Nanol 12 tundi tagasi
10:04 the door someone is there
Leon Brooke
Leon Brooke 12 tundi tagasi
The Resident Evil dice criss-cross shot never held up that well as a visual effect even at the time, but at the time it gave me nightmares. I think the slightly dodgy CG didn't matter
Star 12 tundi tagasi
Mhh, vfx dyatists yaedst, my favorite show
Fulvian Yudha Manggala
Fulvian Yudha Manggala 12 tundi tagasi
Do Jojo Bizarre adventure Live Action VFX! I want to see what you guys think🤔
Anthonyeet 12 tundi tagasi
When you’re making a project there’s alwalys an asshole that says that it won’t work
Khyle Samuel Melanio
Khyle Samuel Melanio 12 tundi tagasi
This is how Wren is abused by Nerf Blasters by being a moving target.
Jason Shaw Music
Jason Shaw Music 12 tundi tagasi
Saw... G Rated 😃
Purple Raider
Purple Raider 12 tundi tagasi
Can Arron come on and review Kamen Rider stunts? Its in his profile picture
Maykol Alvarez
Maykol Alvarez 12 tundi tagasi
The effort that goes into these videos 😂 I cannot tell if they dont take themselves seriously or if they take themselves extremely seriously
Leevi Kukkonen
Leevi Kukkonen 12 tundi tagasi
To me the most satisfying thing was Sam's laugh at the end. That was lovely.
Patrick Lewis
Patrick Lewis 12 tundi tagasi
They talked daredevil and Didn't do the hallway scene?
Daniel Dougan
Daniel Dougan 12 tundi tagasi
I can't understand why Linus Media Group would buy these cameras anyway. They're not doing elaborate VFX work as far as I can tell. They don't have time with their daily release schedule! Are they good for feature films? You bet. But for a EEpost show that gets released daily? It seems like massive overkill that actually slows them down with virtually no benefit over a pro 4K camera.
Hxly Grail
Hxly Grail 12 tundi tagasi
Anyone notice that’s the fusion blade from final fantasy 7
THE JOKER 12 tundi tagasi
“He touched me” - Sam
Naoki Yoshida_ Fan
Naoki Yoshida_ Fan 12 tundi tagasi
React to FF 14 flames of truth pleaaaaze
Anthony Frederich
Anthony Frederich 12 tundi tagasi
Could you react to the final battle from Godzilla King of the Monsters between Godzilla and King Ghidora
J Keener
J Keener 12 tundi tagasi
Question, would you be able to make written instructions on how to thread the elastic? The instructions are vague and the video is worse. I am having difficulty getting it all put together
John M
John M 12 tundi tagasi
Does anybody else watch all the hard work that EVERYBODY that's working on and in a movie does and then realize people like Robert downy Jr takes a literal MASSIVE chunk of the ENTIRE film budget and just get angry/frustrated? I mean, they are all working just as hard. I do think lead actors SHOULD get more but I think it's just way too out of hand sometimes.
Naoki Yoshida_ Fan
Naoki Yoshida_ Fan 12 tundi tagasi
I'm just now realizing that is not Brett
SneakySnake 12 tundi tagasi
I remember the first time I saw a witchetty grub, my brother chopped in half with an axe :(. It was traumatising XD.
Mabrur Hrivu
Mabrur Hrivu 12 tundi tagasi
this video is kinda 3am channel-y
Shpooptypants13 12 tundi tagasi
Berserk and Moonsorrow, dudes have good taste.
Courtney Puckett
Courtney Puckett 12 tundi tagasi
Lyndsey Lizard
Lyndsey Lizard 12 tundi tagasi
Did you react to Death Becomes Her yet?
Trent Creason
Trent Creason 13 tundi tagasi
Finally Gants gets some recognition
Colton Townsend
Colton Townsend 13 tundi tagasi
Would love to see y'all review some of the helicopter scenes in the 6th day
ZivaiCairns 13 tundi tagasi
a new police story 2004 fight scene in lego land (it has jackie chan in)
Arjun G
Arjun G 13 tundi tagasi
Bollywood was criticized for being unrealistic becoz people watched 8:13 which is very realistic
Ярослав Емельяненко
Ярослав Емельяненко 13 tundi tagasi
I am fan of 1-3 parts, but not 4-6))) I am born in 1996, Russia))
Khyle Samuel Melanio
Khyle Samuel Melanio 13 tundi tagasi
Oh yeah, what a epic intro ha.
Komal Kothawale
Komal Kothawale 13 tundi tagasi
So informative! Also, check out this inspiring interview with Hollywoods favorite photographer Sam Jones blog.photowhoa.com/sam-jones-interviewed/
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart 13 tundi tagasi
please let the star destroyer lose power for a few hours . we dontneed NYC and people in upstate new york will thank you.
TiagoWazzup 13 tundi tagasi
Hahaha the eyes turning to look at the arm. Beautifully done Peter
tiget2013 13 tundi tagasi
Lightsabers are actually weak against guns or slug throwers as they are called in star wars because the metal melts through the saber and is basically molten metal hitting the Jedi
Richard Stevens
Richard Stevens 13 tundi tagasi
Can you do the 100?
Jacob Crosby
Jacob Crosby 13 tundi tagasi
Why would the drive 'just be dead'? That's not how hard drives work...
Ethan Bridglal
Ethan Bridglal 13 tundi tagasi
Huh, if Avengers Endgame made the most money of all time... does that mean people went to see endgame without seeing Infinity War... how could you understand what's going on 😂
Jacob Crosby
Jacob Crosby 13 tundi tagasi
Oh. My. Shit! That data storage is nasty and disturbing! This is not okay! 😳
Ohm 13 tundi tagasi
Go rctestflight!✊
Yeet N Skeet
Yeet N Skeet 13 tundi tagasi
if i was to lose my finger, then pinkie is aaaight