Google Pixel 5: What to expect
The best tech demo fails
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TikTok, WeChat ban explained
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Note 20 Ultra vs. Note 10 Plus
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Motorola Razr 5G: full unboxing
Apple Watch Series 6 preview
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sarah Gault
sarah Gault 23 tundi tagasi
Space station isnt in space
Jim Jam
Jim Jam 23 tundi tagasi
anti boludez
anti boludez Päev tagasi
SneaX Päev tagasi
Phineas: ferb, i know what we r doing today
Runetone Päev tagasi
so they spend 10 years making a giant hard to control no purpus fork lift...
Paul Hallelujah
Paul Hallelujah Päev tagasi
CNET Come place your library on Theta tv. Video on Demand live now. If you need a Golden Stream Key let me know.
Vyoung Berry
Vyoung Berry Päev tagasi
Gracias a *hackscott2* en *Instagram* es el mejor hacker que recomiendo.
maxtac elitpower
maxtac elitpower Päev tagasi
i had s apple watch, after it, i decided never buy a smart watch again, maybe for next ten years.
iTablet Tech
iTablet Tech Päev tagasi
Wires... gross.
Mr. Melon
Mr. Melon Päev tagasi
Make it vs garmin venue
Aljun Simbajon
Aljun Simbajon Päev tagasi
wow, it's amazing...
Duncan Gunn
Duncan Gunn Päev tagasi
Another problem with wireless charging is its relative inefficiency. What’s that Apple, you love the environment do you? Then don’t push wireless charging!!!!
Uchuujin tamanegi
Uchuujin tamanegi Päev tagasi
talks like a woman but looks like a man. disgusting
luke lu
luke lu Päev tagasi
one thing google hasn't said is that there are latency issues when pairing the audio nest to a tv via bluetooth. I've tried with mine and the lag of more than 1s makes it not viable at all. if you are looking to use them as tv speakers, DONT DO IT
JTO711 Päev tagasi
relaxing music for stress relief
Flop Flip
Flop Flip Päev tagasi
Ripley's new EXO against Alien Queen
Ussama Al Kassab
Ussama Al Kassab Päev tagasi
Gene Austin
Gene Austin Päev tagasi
Given the high cost of manufacturing anything in Australia this is a major achievement & a real credit to the Boeing family for keeping costs low & the quality of product higher than ever before.
prepareforflight Päev tagasi
so what type of apocolypse allows you to keep your internet service, i must have missed the fios in the book of eli
onenoc Two
onenoc Two Päev tagasi
45,000 to 10. I love it. NEVER EVER get first gen of anything (if you can wait).
Ashank Päev tagasi
This whole video is pre-recorded
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Päev tagasi
Apple: Ceramic Glass is 4x stronger than glass . . . JerryRigsEverything. Glass is glass, and glass breaks.
DRAVIA. STUDIO Päev tagasi
Wonder how they will stand against musk. Starship lip frog.
MRgg Päev tagasi
I sent my pixel 5 back, but only because of its size. To small for me. So I'm gonna get the 4a 5g .
HDdh Dhxhxb
HDdh Dhxhxb Päev tagasi
Do they seriously sound better than the AirPods (2nd gen)? Hard to imagine, can anyone confirm?
Rosy ("that's what they call me......")
Rosy ("that's what they call me......") Päev tagasi
I'm considering buying them over the $250 + Beats wireless with the ear hook, I'm going for the color options because the black and white ones are so boring and typical standard looks
Sir Cean A.
Sir Cean A. Päev tagasi
the shelves are not even full of books. That's sad.
Phoenix Abraham's
Phoenix Abraham's Päev tagasi
U are great
BillB808 Päev tagasi
Turns out the kids reee ally love Vanilla
Colby Päev tagasi
should name the title camera review instead.
Frank Wizard
Frank Wizard Päev tagasi
Basically.. don’t get an x box.
Anish Skaria
Anish Skaria Päev tagasi
"Try to stay still and quiet". And you complain of inaccuracy.
Andy Broer
Andy Broer Päev tagasi
Bought a convertible GTS my second and 4th Maser lifetime... great review! Thanks!
Nino Santiago
Nino Santiago Päev tagasi
What I like about the Apple/Beats branded wireless ear/headphones is the chip that makes it easy to switch between Apple devices. When I'm watching a video on an iPad and I wanna quickly listen to a message sent to my phone, it automatically detects that I switched to my other device and route the sound accordingly. I just can't get this kind of convenience elsewhere.
Janel’s Dead
Janel’s Dead Päev tagasi
Who else got mad and punched there screen?
Glenn Jacobsen
Glenn Jacobsen Päev tagasi
A lot of these questions aren’t stupid, cookies does indeed store data when logged out. And I’m pretty sure they, like google, have ads based on words and sentences in their messengers.
kevin waag
kevin waag Päev tagasi
nobody talks about texting :/ but I still think I'll take the active 2. I like the design better :) Thanks, I always love your stuff!
Dev e Muna
Dev e Muna Päev tagasi
I think 24” is fine for me...
P-Dub Päev tagasi
this literally isnt possible lmao. hes directly connected to the atm so of course he can do all that lmao. fake video
Swostik Satpathy
Swostik Satpathy Päev tagasi
@16:30 Lexy's homage to Chadwick Boseman - Wakanda Forever!
Maxmiller Alves
Maxmiller Alves Päev tagasi
It was made to hold up to 75 people for 5 years, sounds like a nightmare if the situation forces those 75 people to live 8 years there. Real life Among Us.
Larry mane
Larry mane Päev tagasi
All thanks to him.,At first I never thought my husband would cheat ,I practically wasn't suspecting until a friend told me about her story and how anthony scott helped her hacked into her husband's phone and she got to know it all .I was curious and tried this too,to my greatest surprise , My husband has kids outside our matrimonial home 😰 still in shock but am glad I got to know ,so to all the women out there ,lockout for your marriage too,do something,so can you contact him via Text +1 (254) 470-7461
Real MrGood
Real MrGood Päev tagasi
Ghost of Tsushima = Game of The Year
NinJazz Rhythm
NinJazz Rhythm Päev tagasi
This wifi game still dont matter if you're paying 29.99$ for an internet service! mine is cap at 30mbps. That's all you need to do email to watch stupid videos like this.
Akash Yadav
Akash Yadav Päev tagasi
3:42 Note 20 - Cute Seal Note 20 Ultra - Seal of Thanos!!! 5:09 - Crying in Exynos tears. Another wrench - Note 10+ (longer battery life, premium build and every bit good as Note 20 and probably a bit better).
Matthew Howell
Matthew Howell Päev tagasi
Unfortunately, I needed to give up entirely on the smartwatch craze.I didn't take care of my eyesight, when I was younger, and it is now coming back to bite me big time.
Ryan Päev tagasi
i wonder how long gta would take to load up on this
Bahadır Aktaş
Bahadır Aktaş Päev tagasi
A lot of the lacking features of Apple Watch is accessible with 3rd party apps like Sleep tracking (Autosleep) and HR sone alert (Zones).
e-JuMP Shamsudin
e-JuMP Shamsudin Päev tagasi
wow..i need this badly..
Martins Kolade
Martins Kolade Päev tagasi
If y’all could get your locked Apple Watch to David_fred10_ on Instagram he can help y’all unlock your Apple Watch
Martins Kolade
Martins Kolade Päev tagasi
If y’all could get your locked Apple Watch to David_fred10_ on Instagram he can help y’all unlock your Apple Watch
Sean Meadows
Sean Meadows Päev tagasi
Can you play save files from console to pc by simply loading off the cloud? Like can I be playing a supported gamepass game on pc then move on over to my tv and continue where i left off on my series x?
BP Päev tagasi
The whole time I was expecting Lexy would pull some puppets from under the table...
Ishkaran Randhawa
Ishkaran Randhawa Päev tagasi
ur more beautiful then d phone
Jae Mae
Jae Mae Päev tagasi
Have we learned nothing from resident evil, Umbrella Corp?!? 😂😂 besides. Nothing can save anybody from Gods wrath!! Besides.. do the rich people think that the aftermath is going to be lovely?!? With billions of corpses rotting on ground level.. they’re too prissy to clean things up... good luck to them living in a desolate world. Why are people so afraid of death?!?
chuckie14469 Päev tagasi
I loved my Beats X, but the biggest issue isn't the wire... it's always the batteries. Apple literally purchases defective batteries for their earbuds. This is why their earbuds barely last 3-6 months before they stop charging/working.
PiphiUSC Päev tagasi
I can't continue to " use yahoo email for a very long time ". Verizon just kicked me back to basic mail with no font/color choice. My Yahoo email account is 30 years old. F Verizon for buying Yahoo, I am going to use Gmail from now
rohit c
rohit c Päev tagasi
Mage safe is not a killer feature, they could have brought this with the iPhone 11 itself. The iPhone will not be evenly placed on your desk with the magesafe port attached behind it.
Anuj Sb
Anuj Sb Päev tagasi
SD 865...not 855. She told 855 even shows 855.. please be more careful....coz someone rely only in your review will be offense..... Thank you
Marko Mircea
Marko Mircea Päev tagasi
Love my Note 10 Plus ❤ impeccable engineering and performance. Wish the Note 20 Ultra wouldn't have THAT HUGE CAMERA HUMP! WE ARE NOT ALL PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FFS!
BtsArmy love
BtsArmy love Päev tagasi
i don't have foil can i use the chip bag one?
Jon Wilbur Tan
Jon Wilbur Tan Päev tagasi
Mechs / exo-suits are still valid so that if you need to do construction or any work in harsh or interplanetary environments / space. Thankfully people still work on these. Good to have a wide variety of technologies available for the progress of humankind. The modular exo-suit is my recommendation because you need different kinds of legs and arms. This is due to the landscape being varied. Sometimes you need long legs, or wide feet. The best solution would be that the modular mech would adjust to the terrain / conditions. Like feet able to extend and widen to get better grip or stabilization, extruding legs in case you need to cross deep water and vegetation, the list goes on. Of all the technicalities, the most important is the ability to set itself upright after a fall, tumble, trip or laying flat or prone. More power to the devs! PS Always wear a healmet and full body gear when piloting it. Safety first!
White Rabbit
White Rabbit Päev tagasi
They always will be behind the scenes
White Rabbit
White Rabbit Päev tagasi
What about the future and changing the world???
Jeffreynot_ery Päev tagasi
So is it 1984 or something
Kermit The frog
Kermit The frog Päev tagasi
So basically get a decent pc and wait till gta vi comes out to get the ps5
OGG Sway ッ
OGG Sway ッ Päev tagasi
I have trust issues now Among us player: and I took that personally
jefferi chang
jefferi chang Päev tagasi
technology should be plug and play. no need to learn. this is a bad design robot. so clumsy and hazard to driver and people near it.
Ethan Turner
Ethan Turner Päev tagasi
I heard from Rene Richie that they sound worse than AirPods.
Amanda Huerta
Amanda Huerta Päev tagasi
Um Kardi b
အောင်ဘုန်း Nobert
အောင်ဘုန်း Nobert Päev tagasi
This felt like me explaining how to use a computer to my grand parents
Anthony Päev tagasi
Lets be real I want the Apple version when they copy it
Snigdhaman Chatterjee
Snigdhaman Chatterjee Päev tagasi
Apparently the Jabras are getting ANC through an OTA!!