Tom Cruise Calls In - H3 After Dark #27
Princess Ash
Princess Ash 3 tundi tagasi
pixiepqueen 3 tundi tagasi
I just wish everyone could just get back to making their videos and everyone stopped fighting etc youtube used to be great. Its getting so hectic..
Melody Johnson
Melody Johnson 3 tundi tagasi
My two favorite podcasts in one place. ICONIC
Selen 3 tundi tagasi
Ethan was low key rude to Emily. I was embarrassed for him when he said "Are you a lawyer or something. " and then kept cutting her off 💀💀
Loungewear 3 tundi tagasi
You'll get over it
UnfortuneMelody 3 tundi tagasi
me at work in an architecture bureau, classical music playing on the background 'cause that's how the boss wants it, zack playing in a pool of mayo in my earphones
Liv G.
Liv G. 3 tundi tagasi
It kills me when the boss doesn't know certain things/secrets of other people. You can just see it gnawing at his mind and eating at him. I'd love to get my nails done with him haha. Just don't ever tell him nothin in secret though.. he's just not built for it lol. But Hila over here is chill & unproblematic queen!
Die Auferstandene Auferstehung
Die Auferstandene Auferstehung 3 tundi tagasi
Hey jew why u not talking about palestine sufferin?
Lynn Da Vinci
Lynn Da Vinci 3 tundi tagasi
You guys really need to put time stamps in these
jorday 3 tundi tagasi
Oscar E Castellón Rios
Oscar E Castellón Rios 3 tundi tagasi
Already bought the cybercriminal shirt🤷‍♂️
Christina Tuttle
Christina Tuttle 3 tundi tagasi
Ethan's hoodie is fantastic!
Mixae 3 tundi tagasi
Instead of the 10k showing up at Zack's door, it's gonna be the cosby doll instead
imello1110 3 tundi tagasi
Emily was great, yall need to have her on again
Kate kennard
Kate kennard 3 tundi tagasi
Hila gets more and more beautiful every episode
M C 3 tundi tagasi
Lawyer lady was so great
Irene Tanya
Irene Tanya 3 tundi tagasi
53:31 Didn't Trish want Bill Gates in?!
Isak 3 tundi tagasi
may the CREATOR bless and may all stay with peace!
Emma Andrews
Emma Andrews 3 tundi tagasi
Is that actually bill gates 😂
Lindsey B
Lindsey B 3 tundi tagasi
I know it's a difficult decision but going forward with fighting the Triller lawsuit could help you and other EEpostrs in the future.
Amy Cassidy
Amy Cassidy 3 tundi tagasi
Ian is the best. Ian supremacy.
Gaming Scrudley
Gaming Scrudley 3 tundi tagasi
Yo fellas, where’s the ace family STOP been at?
jagvet inte
jagvet inte 3 tundi tagasi
Bare the load😂😂
Lexi Jones
Lexi Jones 3 tundi tagasi
Trisha doesn’t know Smashing Pumpkins (she said in another podcast.) Smashing P is literally legend! Not only that- MCR (especially Mikey) are obsessed with SP, and used them for influence along with MUSE and Queen.
Amrita Nair
Amrita Nair 3 tundi tagasi
Ok I'm a big fan but you guys need to edit shit down
MrHinch 3 tundi tagasi
The Bill Gates sucked
love Moonlight
love Moonlight 3 tundi tagasi
im so sad they didnt talk about palestine
Anna Gallo
Anna Gallo 4 tundi tagasi
did jay z actually make their intro song?
Andrew Crane
Andrew Crane 4 tundi tagasi
Fazeblanks: I'm infinitely smarter than you Also Fazeblanks: *hands the boys a buffet of new sound bites*
Mariah C
Mariah C 4 tundi tagasi
Anyone else see that heartwarming moment at 35:25??😍❤
Alissa Klassen
Alissa Klassen 4 tundi tagasi
The candel stick thing wasn't funny that's trauma for her and she looked absolutely heart broken when your brought it up, and she was trying to stop your from bringing it up again
Poor Pixie
Poor Pixie 4 tundi tagasi
Tech49 4 tundi tagasi
Bill Gates needs to work on his Bill Gates impersonation skills Its currently 85% Trump and 0% Gates
MF 4 tundi tagasi
Can we bring back that sherpa hoodie tho?
Jake Tromble
Jake Tromble 4 tundi tagasi
Fight the case. Set precedents. Do the right thing h3 did nothing wrong!
O K 4 tundi tagasi
Ethan and Faze Blanks should have an on air IQ test on the podcast.
sara I
sara I 4 tundi tagasi
This was a huge thing in 1300 in Europe. It was called ‘indulgenza’ (in Italian). Basically you bought indulgenze from the church to have the punishment for your sin reduced. This means that your temporal punishment was reduced, it could be both on Earth and in the Purgatory, so you could buy it also for your deceased ones. You still had to do the confession though, because while it reduced the punishment it didn’t eliminate the guilt. You could have indulgenze with prayers, good doings, but in the 14th century it became common to buy them with money, which is called ‘oblatio’.
Ellie Temple
Ellie Temple 4 tundi tagasi
Did you see the list of pros and cons mike went out his way to send Lana 🙄
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow 4 tundi tagasi
Would you guys please comment on how you feel about having family that live in a dystopian apartheid terrorist state run by extremist Nazi scum?
Sara E
Sara E 4 tundi tagasi
Hila I love the nails!!!
Leah Nicole
Leah Nicole 4 tundi tagasi
Jason did not grab him and forcefully make him kiss him. It was a playful silly gross joke. I'm sure Jason has heard about your concerns but you are trying to bring his name down when he actually has done a lot of good. He has two kids. He is a silly goof ball of a guy, give him a break sheesh Why is it you try everything to bring down your ex...? It just seems so bitter...😏 He's in the past.. Move on.
Puja Johri
Puja Johri 4 tundi tagasi
When he said big beautiful friends I smiled. That one was for me
Poor Pixie
Poor Pixie 4 tundi tagasi
lopunny 4 tundi tagasi
This just proves to me even further you're a plant, dude. You know young people don't care about Bill Gates so you present him here on your stage for the next generation. There will be no stage 5, homie
Shannon 4 tundi tagasi
The comment at 36:55 made me real uncomfy :/
Leah Nicole
Leah Nicole 4 tundi tagasi
Ethan, what probably makes you feel bad is knowing that Jason is a Father, just like you. You'll going to hold someone accountable for something they did years ago...😏 Jokes happen. Mistakes happen. Its called moving on past it and finding positivity in your current life. Basing your life on the past only holds your future on pause until you are satisfied...sometimes whats in the past just needs to stay in the past. It just creates a headache. You are literally not happy because Jason "isn't saying sorry" 🤣😂
nnacroon 4 tundi tagasi
DEF have the lawyer on again. She was awesome!!!!
Racheal Cook
Racheal Cook 4 tundi tagasi
apologies to the freshly burned out there😂😂😭😭
Anna Rosati
Anna Rosati 4 tundi tagasi
Ethan is so smart like honestly it surprises me sometimes. I wish I was as well rounded as him
Draykkon 4 tundi tagasi
As much as I love Ethan, it was a 0 IQ move to admit he pirated it the Triller fight. The fair use challenge is such a scummy move from Triller, however.
Marina Henriksen
Marina Henriksen 4 tundi tagasi
Mr Gates sounded eerily similar to Mr Trump 🤔🤔 sussss
ᴜɴʙxᴛʜᴇʀᴇᴅ 4 tundi tagasi
anyone know where Hila’s pink headband with gems is from?
Harriet jane
Harriet jane 4 tundi tagasi
Where can i get this sunflower hoodie? Can't see it on teddy fresh website.x
Lauren Miller
Lauren Miller 4 tundi tagasi
We got another fart gate boys and girls 1:27:05
Mimi Murdaa
Mimi Murdaa 4 tundi tagasi
Can’t stand the fake call ins.
Louise Blacksmith
Louise Blacksmith 4 tundi tagasi
lyndsay 4 tundi tagasi
im so happy to see love being included in more episodes🥰
reem aldhafar
reem aldhafar 4 tundi tagasi
41:48 Ok that laugh is funny but also scary it sounds like granny’s laugh ( the game )
Phil Turner
Phil Turner 4 tundi tagasi
"Ice cream kid", very keemstar like, with a name to label someone like that.
kels xo
kels xo 4 tundi tagasi
wait what do they mean they killed the dog?!?!
reem aldhafar
reem aldhafar 4 tundi tagasi
40:52 I don’t think I’ve ever saw a heart warming/ genuine/ loving clip than this one 💔💗💔💗💔💗💔
kels xo
kels xo 4 tundi tagasi
someone stop youtubers from adopting omfg. how tf do you stop the adoption bc you cannot vlog him.
ArneBoB Flutschkopf
ArneBoB Flutschkopf 4 tundi tagasi
That was Bill Trump or Donald Gates
Victoria Ann
Victoria Ann 4 tundi tagasi
I hate the fake call ins they aren’t funny
Brandon Zarzyczny
Brandon Zarzyczny 4 tundi tagasi
This was a great episode, thanks guys.
blossom cat
blossom cat 4 tundi tagasi
Mobility scooters: I have MS I need one but I see lots of people not needing them. That guy was too heavy for it why it toppled.
Za Prunes
Za Prunes 4 tundi tagasi
I read the old testament....there's like 3 books just on things you can't do..and 2 books on a census of all the choosen people....
MIsterSojaBohne 4 tundi tagasi
Im a Simp for Bella Porch. Hottest Chick out there
kim meza
kim meza 4 tundi tagasi
jakey and his bestie keem set up the lawsuit probably
Theodora Roosevelt
Theodora Roosevelt 4 tundi tagasi
WHOS KID IS THAT???!? Grown men fucking bullying a 3yr old. Why isnt he charged yet??
Mary LPG
Mary LPG 4 tundi tagasi
i want hila's shirt
Hybrid Hipster
Hybrid Hipster 4 tundi tagasi
Hila looks so beautiful, she is such a natural beauty and this hair is so good on her 😍🔥
Jacob Hatfield
Jacob Hatfield 4 tundi tagasi
I'm going to his house when he goes on vacation
Jacob Hatfield
Jacob Hatfield 3 tundi tagasi
@tyler s It's easier to get into a gated community than you might think.
Jacob Hatfield
Jacob Hatfield 3 tundi tagasi
@tyler s I'm going to give him the gift of humility and in return he will give me his sight
tyler s
tyler s 4 tundi tagasi
why would you say that?
Jack 4 tundi tagasi
Ethan now you should talk about rural black people.
gbghhful 4 tundi tagasi
Praise god I knew I came here for scooter accidents
Emma Alkh
Emma Alkh 4 tundi tagasi
Can’t seem to watch this podcast with everything happening to Palestine atm considering they lived in Israel and their support for yang who made some disgusting comments... stand against genocide, apartheid and oppression against the Palestinian people ✊🇵🇸❤️
Thao 4 tundi tagasi
Ethan, with peace & love, stop interrupting Hila or the Foot Soldiers will tank your score. 😠😤
Alex 4 tundi tagasi
That ‘got your hat’ sound bite is already GOATed
FENNEC ? 4 tundi tagasi
2:46:49 wow sister snapped "Thats what he said when she fainted" hahahahahahaha :'D how did no one else laugh at this comment. 2:47:40 atleast Dan got it by the third time.
Marco Polo
Marco Polo 4 tundi tagasi
Hila you’re beautiful!!!
Linda Hoang
Linda Hoang 4 tundi tagasi
Mad respect for Dan.