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i am the only one that presses like and after looks at the video?
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Everybody talking about the cathode ray, but nobody ever talks about anode ray :(......
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‘Cancer Generator’
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Basically a fanless fan, I wonder if dyson already did this
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“If your desk isn’t messy enough, then you must not be a maker” looking at my desk full of papers, crumpled papers, pencils and markers FK
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مهدی شما اهل ایرانی
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Naa... He'll never make it
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Put a DIY cloud chamber past the anode and see if on versus off give an interesting result of particles.
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drac richards 2 tundi tagasi
I'm surprised you didn't crack your vaccuum dome from the heat of the plasma generated under vaccuum
The Minnesota Wolf
The Minnesota Wolf 2 tundi tagasi
I think you missed one very important qualifier. LED stands for a light emitting diode and diode is the primary component of FULL BRIDGE RECTIFIER!
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I'd hate to have your Hydro bill !
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Hey can you do a video on the spark plug free energy generator my automotive teacher said it was real
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3:15 Conglaturations!You discovered Ion wind!Now try to make Ion Engine
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3:39 me asusté mas que él
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in other news, Medhi makes soft x-rays
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20 to 26 secs every makers will be related too
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A breakthrough in the fight against infections acquired in hospital could be achieved thanks to pioneering new research. The project is investigating the use of ionisers to eradicate airborne infections in hospitals - a technique that could deliver major health benefits and financial savings. Starting in December, the 3-year initiative will be carried out by engineers at the University of Leeds with funding from the Swindon-based Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). Infections originating in hospital are a serious and widespread problem, affecting around 10% of patients during their stay. There is increasing evidence that up to 20% of these infections are transmitted by an airborne route - at a cost of £100-200 million a year in England alone. The project will build on a recent successful study at St James's University Hospital in Leeds. This found that using ionisers to negatively charge air particles in an intensive care unit prevented all infections caused by the Acinetobacter pathogen. Immune to nearly all currently available antibiotics, Acinetobacter infections are a growing problem in hospitals and can be fatal in some groups of patients. In the new project, the same team will set out to understand the science behind this success and provide a firm basis for future use of the technique. They will focus on the biological and physical processes associated with negative air ionisation and airborne transmission of infection, and establish guidelines for the effective use of ionisers in hospital buildings. Much of the research will be carried out in the University's state-of-the-art aerobiological test facility, which was part funded by EPSRC. The facility incorporates a 32m3 climatic chamber where temperature, humidity and ventilation rate can be varied and controlled. The chamber enables researchers to mimic various clinical environments and perform a wide range of experiments involving aerosols doped with micro-organisms. The project team is being led by Dr Clive Beggs of the University of Leeds' Aerobiological Research Group. Dr Beggs says: "Negative air ionisation could have a dramatic impact on a problem that has been attracting increasing publicity and causing Story Source: Materials provided by Engineering And Physical Science Research Council. Note: Content may be edited for style and length.
Danni Hijacked
Danni Hijacked 3 tundi tagasi
Anyone getting this recommanded in 2021?
Steve White
Steve White 3 tundi tagasi
Vacuum tubes are still used where very high power is required such as radio and TV stations.
Giorgio Armignacco
Giorgio Armignacco 3 tundi tagasi
ok MAYBE there is something right in what i'm about to write ( MAYBE you can collimate that electron beam by placing a solenoid with is his axis in line with the tip of the cathode here's my thought you have solenoid and an electron beam , and you're viewing everything from the top ( you can see a section of the solenoid , but you cant'see the area of the single loop of wire ) let's place the solenoid in vertical so that electrons come from the bottom , going up ( to the anode ) let's suppose that the electon is right in axis with the solenoid , or at least that is speed vector is parallel to the B field of the solenoid due to lorentz law , no force is applied to the electron now let's immagine that the speed vector is aiming slightly to the left , applying the lorentz law ( with negative sign since is an electron ) this will result in a force pointig towards us , so the speed of the electron in the z axis will increase , but since now Vz is greater than 0 , if you again apply the lorentz law it will result in force pointing to the right so in the end you'll have a speed vector pointing to the left and a force pointing to the right evenctually the left component of the speed will be cancelled by the force congratulations now you have a speed vector parallel to the B field , so parallel to the solenoid axis , you can literally use the solenoid to aim the electron beam physicists i need you to confirm ( or bust ) this theory P.S. english is not my mother language , so sorry for any stupid errors that probably i made while writing this
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Hi. We can see some nodes in the arc. Can you explain physics of this effect?
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2:50 i knew that this will happen
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doesn't electron microscopes use cathode ray tubes for the electron source?
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I heard 'Cathode Ray' as 'Catholic Ray.' High voltage holiness.
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The arc between his hands was not special effects.
May the Science be with You
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You just need something to focus the electron beam.
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On 4:18, did you notice the little flame/ark at the other end from the green cable? :)
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educated guess.. 🤣 🔥
Kechaoglou Manos
Kechaoglou Manos 3 tundi tagasi
Hi Medhi! I do not know if anyone else commented on the "wave-like" electron ray seen at the 9nth minute of the video. This reminds me of the glowing regions seen at the Franck - Herzt experiment. In that experiment the electrons are accelerated to the point were their kinetic energy is sufficient to excite the residual gas of the vacuum chamber at that particular position (in that position, the voltage corresponds to their energy levels divided by the charge of the electron -this is in compliance with the quantum atomic energy levels). After excitation the electrons practically stop and then begin to accelerate for a second time (and then a third time and so on). Once they gain for the second time enough energy, they excite the molecules at another position and they once again stop. The electron path is visible between these regions, as the electrons elastically scatter with the molecules in the chamber I believe that this is why you have this wave-like distribution in your chamber. I haven't read for a while about the experiment so maybe I am wrong but I am sure someone can comment
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8:18 *Video at 173k likes* Mehdi: So anyway I made a video
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beta rays
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*50v is the maximum voltage a human can withstand* This dude: IM STRONG
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12:07 that vacuum chamber is way too close TO THE EDGE OF THE TABLE!
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What would happen if anything, if you would put let say black tape on the face of the washer leaving the inside ring bare meal forcing the electrons to move towards the center of the washer. Would they pick up enough speed to pass through it?
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"Electron G#n" at the first 2 seconds
manu yuu
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It sucks that you have to keep pointing out that this is not political just to avoid the wave of potato supporting leftards that will flock here just to wine that you showed a vid of orange man bad.
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4:00 It's possible to crate electric jet engine with this?
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So is this how lasers work? That's probably a stupid question
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If Dr Doofenshmirtz was a youtuber engineer:
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Cancer Ray Tube
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