Pat P Tip House Call
"You Want Philly Philly?"
Beast Quake!
Päev tagasi
The OBJ Catch
Päev tagasi
Top 10 NFL Draft Prospects
Tu Mundo Gamer
Tu Mundo Gamer 2 tundi tagasi
Ya terminé de confirmar, el Super Bowl de Beyonce, Bruno Mars y el de Lady Gaga, sonó los peores shows de Medio Tiempo de todos.
sydboski 2 tundi tagasi
BS!!!! Cliff Branch should have been in years ago. Before Pearson. Before Swann.
mac shmoney
mac shmoney 2 tundi tagasi
Andrew luck??? No bro chill
My Name Is Also John.
My Name Is Also John. 2 tundi tagasi
Can’t believe I’m a titans fan that saw this live and didn’t start him that game lol.
DevSports and Gaming
DevSports and Gaming 2 tundi tagasi
Washington got the closest to beating Brady on the run LOL
cheatzones S\R
cheatzones S\R 2 tundi tagasi
Why did u upload this now
Imagine Wagons Official
Imagine Wagons Official 2 tundi tagasi
The dislikes are from the only jag fans left...
Føunding 2 tundi tagasi
5:00 Kansas
Alex N. Cordova
Alex N. Cordova 2 tundi tagasi
Guys ceedee lamb is my brother
The L Machine
The L Machine 2 tundi tagasi
Zach Wilson is so overrated
Fernando Gordillo
Fernando Gordillo 2 tundi tagasi
Yeah, Brees played awful this year. But they didnt put his 50 yard throw in the list?
Ramza 2 tundi tagasi
CAn someone tell me the songs her's performing?
Gabriela Mendoza
Gabriela Mendoza 2 tundi tagasi
Perfect, I love so much ❤
Dei 2 tundi tagasi
Her baby will be so proud!! Watching her💕💕
고기고기소 2 tundi tagasi
Joycelyne Camarena
Joycelyne Camarena 2 tundi tagasi
I still can’t believe this actually happened 😍😍
Chilly Cereal
Chilly Cereal 2 tundi tagasi
Second quarterly at 8:15 to 8:10 Brees throws that ball that almost gets picked off. You can here the guy say GD so loud lol.
Teisha Nicole
Teisha Nicole 2 tundi tagasi
going from homeless to the super bowl is amazing!!!
Cannonball Dude
Cannonball Dude 2 tundi tagasi
Let’s go Chiefs
Amazing Airshow Videos
Amazing Airshow Videos 2 tundi tagasi
0:05 Facemask
TralfazConstruction 3 tundi tagasi
Such a clear picture for its age. Watched with my parents and in-laws. My wife was expecting a baby at the end of February (turned out to be a Leap Year daughter!). I was starting the third week of a shiny new job and the future was very bright. In watching this game it doesn't seem like forty-five years ago.
gloucester Mass
gloucester Mass 3 tundi tagasi
1:04:58 Illegal formation. Not called.
ken lounders
ken lounders 3 tundi tagasi
I agree that todd had a great plan. But the defense had to get on the field and dominate. Offensive line was great as well.
TruIrish11 3 tundi tagasi
And he sucks now lmao back 6 years ago ok but he is old and gets flossed on and burnt constantly he had his time but sadly it’s over now
Mistaken Pain
Mistaken Pain 3 tundi tagasi
David Amuka
David Amuka 3 tundi tagasi
Repent the kingdom of Heaven
William Clogston
William Clogston 3 tundi tagasi
Bradshaw in the Top 10???!! Lol
WaD_ MATT 3 tundi tagasi
that should've been a unsportsmanship in the super bowl when to mahomet he like its over what he said and those were dumb refs and it was tom brady that payed them extra money
Jerry Pore Jr.
Jerry Pore Jr. 3 tundi tagasi
Dan McGregor
Dan McGregor 3 tundi tagasi
You’re doing it wrong
Jackson Conley
Jackson Conley 3 tundi tagasi
I think Patrick can beat Tom in a burger eating contest especially if he has some ketchup.🍔
Danger Edition
Danger Edition 3 tundi tagasi
I don't get it....
Joey Rizzolo
Joey Rizzolo 3 tundi tagasi
Everyone is sleeping on Kyle Trask... shame. He's the real deal.
Robert Delich
Robert Delich 3 tundi tagasi
No excuses. The Buc's defense was stellar as was Brady.
_ JDP2104 _
_ JDP2104 _ 3 tundi tagasi
I was at this game
Gil Frog
Gil Frog 3 tundi tagasi
Where's The P!nk in the Super Bowl?💔
David Amuka
David Amuka 3 tundi tagasi
Repent the kingdom of Heaven is at hand
Javier Kathrin
Javier Kathrin 3 tundi tagasi
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Mohamed Tarek
Mohamed Tarek 3 tundi tagasi
Shakira was good but j-lo is life 😍
Adam Kemp
Adam Kemp 3 tundi tagasi
Asian Dragon
Asian Dragon 3 tundi tagasi
If it wasn't for Bruno Mars this Halftime show would've gone to the trash. By the way Bruno outshined outdanced Beyonce
John W. Peterson
John W. Peterson 3 tundi tagasi
The greatest FB player ever.
Robert Delich
Robert Delich 3 tundi tagasi
if the Gronk didn't get ankle tackled he was on hs way to 3 touchdowns in the game and he knew it.
Chilly Cereal
Chilly Cereal 3 tundi tagasi
That ref. looks like he playing Defense 😂 🤦‍♂️
Galaxy ManCool
Galaxy ManCool 3 tundi tagasi
Passssss issss cawwwwt “Joe Buck”
Jaden Higgins
Jaden Higgins 3 tundi tagasi
Best super bowl ever
Devito 3 tundi tagasi
everyones already seen this, seeing it cropped did not better the experience
Fika Jui
Fika Jui 3 tundi tagasi
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J Rob
J Rob 3 tundi tagasi
It must be nice to have a platform in which u can just post whatever and make thousands off your content.
Gavin Roblox
Gavin Roblox 3 tundi tagasi
I hope its San Antonio
The waflle Gamer
The waflle Gamer 3 tundi tagasi
Picture what he could have been had he played for an organization that was worth a damn. SMH Barry, Megatron and now Matt Stafford.
King puffer fish
King puffer fish 3 tundi tagasi
The best announcers:CAUGHT! MIKE EVANS FOR AN 84 YARD TD!!! That one announcer:Touchdown bucs...
ChungWei Wang
ChungWei Wang 3 tundi tagasi
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ehkä sitte myöhemmin
ehkä sitte myöhemmin 3 tundi tagasi
I need this time stamp 10:04
Right The Raccoon
Right The Raccoon 3 tundi tagasi
Alvin Kamara : 36 Vikings : 33
Noname Person
Noname Person 3 tundi tagasi
I remember at the beginning of this season people were saying that the NFL has moved more towards a offense and it’s more important to have an explosive offense. This game literally shows that defense wins games. The Bucs locked them down.
gabriel drake
gabriel drake 3 tundi tagasi
Good Songs
Nick Kaning
Nick Kaning 3 tundi tagasi
How in the world did Pittsburgh lose this game????
fatima Y. Mulroy
fatima Y. Mulroy 3 tundi tagasi
this is crazy
Skc Tsk
Skc Tsk 3 tundi tagasi
Not the best nomo 😂
Captain Eyebrows
Captain Eyebrows 3 tundi tagasi
He needs to get to 10.
Kevin andretta
Kevin andretta 4 tundi tagasi
That might be the greatest run of all time
Jorge Pina
Jorge Pina 4 tundi tagasi
Billy 4 tundi tagasi
The sad thing about this video is that its only 6 minutes long 😂
Rianna Vayner
Rianna Vayner 4 tundi tagasi
I didnt even realize J .Lo's stood for Jennifer Lopez lol
Amy Bowen
Amy Bowen 4 tundi tagasi
This performance is like a vitamin or drug to me gets me moving n feeling alive. He touches my soul through the screen.
Brandon Brockbank
Brandon Brockbank 4 tundi tagasi
As a packer fan even though we lost the colts game, it was a phanominal game
Captain Eyebrows
Captain Eyebrows 4 tundi tagasi
:40 wtf? Lol
Santa Baby Yoda YT
Santa Baby Yoda YT 4 tundi tagasi
I love how you can’t even hear what he’s saying
Eric H
Eric H 4 tundi tagasi
One year after and I’m here because of shakira 💯😍
Beng Keng Ng
Beng Keng Ng 4 tundi tagasi
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David 4 tundi tagasi
what happened after 0:58
David 3 tundi tagasi
@Adrian Pena I mean after that it left us on a cliff hanger
Adrian Pena
Adrian Pena 4 tundi tagasi
The video reached the 60 second cap
David 4 tundi tagasi
the eagles suck now
Sneakyninja 08
Sneakyninja 08 4 tundi tagasi
As a giants fan the only reason why I don’t want him is because he reminds me of Evan engram too much and that scares me. I think he can definitely go top 5 tho.
David 4 tundi tagasi
no one the nfl uploading videos from 8 years ago
Survival 4 tundi tagasi
The greatest trick play in SB history.
Don Emigholz Jr.
Don Emigholz Jr. 4 tundi tagasi
Look at "Jets LT Mekhi Becton (chest) was pulled from Monday night's game against the Patriots because he was having trouble breathing." Could not breath because the guy is a rooky 21 years old and never played more than 12 games in a season. The Jets had him in there all the time with huge bullets of sweat pouring off his body and face during the game. Mekhi Becton should sue the jests for attempted manslaughter.