What Color Is My Hoodie?
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It's like a spaceship for sharks.
Hill Hill Hill Hill, debunked, debunked
The Radioactive Beach In New York
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Australia's Bushfire-Hunting Satellites
Trying To Fail A Drug Test On Purpose
How Many Languages Are There?
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Walking The Most Dangerous Path In Britain
Why The Web Is Such A Mess
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I Almost Learned To Fly A Jetpack
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It’s pronounced GIF.
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Glenn Hower
Glenn Hower 2 tundi tagasi
Schmoyoho, accent on the "yo," Tom Scott is better as a musical....
Stan Richie
Stan Richie 2 tundi tagasi
What if, the line about "100% spot-on title being a miracle" was just a trick, to make us generate more views, by checking the vid from time to time?
Spencer Plewe
Spencer Plewe 2 tundi tagasi
This has to be one of the most essential explainers I’ve ever seen!
HanzM0316 2 tundi tagasi
insert lego pain joke here.
Diskie 2 tundi tagasi
VPN is Very important in China hhhhhhh
Caustic Cactus
Caustic Cactus 2 tundi tagasi
Jeez, didn’t know the uk was so disgusting.
antsolja 3 tundi tagasi
the plastic i take away tho, its just gonna end up back in the sea
Glen Morrison
Glen Morrison 3 tundi tagasi
Update: The town is changing its name. Unfortunately, they're changing the name to.. Mesothelioma..
Nel Ka
Nel Ka 3 tundi tagasi
Why do I think this video is a time-travelling tool?!
Robert Dinning
Robert Dinning 3 tundi tagasi
One space is just better
Syon 3 tundi tagasi
Very interesting. As to be expected from your vids 👍
Thanh Duong Ben Mansour
Thanh Duong Ben Mansour 3 tundi tagasi
children have limits in languages
ECLI 3 tundi tagasi
for once, the view counter is not working. it said 29,025,955 views when it has 27 more. not that i care it got changed 1 second later
TinySpyro 3 tundi tagasi
:) Icelandic people also learn Danish, so I can imagine younger people (who haven't learned English yet) would use Danish on devices
Lime Palmier
Lime Palmier 3 tundi tagasi
100% correct
World 3 tundi tagasi
imagine all the leggos that have been ingested by fish creatures... that probably ended up dying.
Zastier 3 tundi tagasi
I suddenly got the urge to move to Helsinki.
Sivan Cohen
Sivan Cohen 3 tundi tagasi
I’ve never been clickbaited so hard and still enjoyed the video. Toms videos are something else
Ricksdetrix kyle
Ricksdetrix kyle 3 tundi tagasi
It's times like this that I geniunely think we're doomed as a species. Everyone watching this will see the problem and want to do something about it, but this video will get, what, a couple million views at most? 99% of the rest of the world just doesn't really care
Faiz Ozigi
Faiz Ozigi 3 tundi tagasi
Imagine getting killed by garlic bread coming from space
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker 3 tundi tagasi
The drab drink naturalistically treat because cave consequentially pat till a lamentable thunder. relieved, peaceful bumper
El Benezer Mirabuena
El Benezer Mirabuena 3 tundi tagasi
How did the garlic bread tasted like when it contained extremely low densities of hydrogen, helium and several heavier molecules including nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide.
jojonnyjones 3 tundi tagasi
I'm a simple Südniedersachse. I see Göttingen - I upvote
1 1
1 1 4 tundi tagasi
Is that a nautilus? 👀
CeuVomatic 4 tundi tagasi
Imagine someone farted.
Ubaid-ur Rehman
Ubaid-ur Rehman 4 tundi tagasi
How is it always right?
FiensZy 4 tundi tagasi
Just wait until people come there
cmacchiatto 4 tundi tagasi
all u gotta do is use ur uvula to do a velar trill 😭😭
Laurence Connor
Laurence Connor 4 tundi tagasi
Some of this stuff will never decompose and will eventually be unearthed by future archeologists
Gexslayer 4 tundi tagasi
And once we pick up the plastic we throw it in the trash so it can safely find its way back in to the sea once again
BigBoyMemer 4 tundi tagasi
David James
David James 4 tundi tagasi
It IS a really good story!
mark matias
mark matias 4 tundi tagasi
I remember having a backup of my backup of a file in case the original or original backup got corrupted.
FUN Only SG 4 tundi tagasi
Cal Alaera
Cal Alaera 4 tundi tagasi
At least it was called the Great Vowel *Shift*, not Movement...
bruh 4 tundi tagasi
Imagine if the balloon didn't pop and it reached Mars, then suddenly we see an alien building a rocket
Soumi Mukherjee
Soumi Mukherjee 4 tundi tagasi
"If I'm on a flight out of here in 2020," Umm...
RedShuttle [REDACTED]
RedShuttle [REDACTED] 4 tundi tagasi
Charlie Aylott
Charlie Aylott 5 tundi tagasi
The 'whatdya know' at 5:02 has now entered my vocabulary and I cannot stop using it in conversation
Soumi Mukherjee
Soumi Mukherjee 5 tundi tagasi
When they were entering the garden, I legitimately thought they would wear Type A hazmat suits...
John Stokes
John Stokes 5 tundi tagasi
A lovely tribute to the golden years of television.
cekape cekape
cekape cekape 5 tundi tagasi
I remembered when mehdi in electroboom tried to short the Britain plugs
blablash 5 tundi tagasi
Dont they put the numbers in a computer? Doesnt make that every danger the same as it is with electronic voting?
Smit Shilpatul
Smit Shilpatul 5 tundi tagasi
Idk why, but when I was a kid I thought they were only 2-3 metres tall
BeingAContraltoIsMyOnlyPersonalityTrait长夜 5 tundi tagasi
احسن. عشان نتسمم بالسمك االي بالع بلستيك وننقرض اسرع.
Ben Kilpatrick
Ben Kilpatrick 5 tundi tagasi
The absolute truth of this video got me to subscribe.
Daniel Carman
Daniel Carman 5 tundi tagasi
Wow I'm watching this at 11:30 @ night. Did the people who voted in this know I would b?
legendsnowSK CoDM
legendsnowSK CoDM 5 tundi tagasi
33k dislikes.. for no reason, gotta say the garlic bread looks yummy ash
chegeny 5 tundi tagasi
Bloody hell was I wrong. Turns out the Earth's actually more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.
Starman 5 tundi tagasi
This hits different in Covid now
twokegs1 5 tundi tagasi
I went from childlike wonder to a sense of impending doom in under two minutes
Just another Glorpsday morning
Just another Glorpsday morning 5 tundi tagasi
I'm just proud I knew about the anti-tank dogs from horrible histories.
Spiffy _
Spiffy _ 5 tundi tagasi
How do I download this Tom Scott app?
Pulpaldabadies 5 tundi tagasi
I’m only surprised that you didn’t blame it on global wa- ...climate change.
Pavel Strmiska
Pavel Strmiska 5 tundi tagasi
There is something really wrong here at the beginning. I'd like to see the stories of coal ash contamination... Water used to spin turbines in steam powerplants (gas/coal/nuclear, whatever) is actually demineralized so it does not damage the turbine itself - turbines are actually expected to work for 20+ years and the blades would be rusted much sooner and torn apart if the water had been contaminated. I'd gladly take a bath in demi-water. In fact, I remember our professor telling us that the steam turbines in Iceland are very special - because they are powered by the impure steam that comes from the geothermal activity, they have much shorter lifespan than conventional turbines (only a few years) and not as much precision goes into their making so it can be economically sustainable.
Andrew Selfridge
Andrew Selfridge 5 tundi tagasi
This is sad...
The milky Matrix
The milky Matrix 6 tundi tagasi
Why is Britain so sassy just drink water.
Gus McCabe
Gus McCabe 6 tundi tagasi
I once disabled all Distribution Lists for around a week (it kinda took that long before people realised that nobody was getting emails sent to DL's) with a bad line of PowerShell. So, been there and done that - not a great feeling when you realise it was you. Also, when I was in support, I used to sign off emails from the Helpdesk with "The IS Department apologises for any inconvenience caused" and one time the spell checker replaced inconvenience with incontinence...
DevHONK 6 tundi tagasi
Frenches did send some bread firsr(it was a baguette) Spoiler Alert: They got some problems for doing that at the end.
D'Hotness McAwesome
D'Hotness McAwesome 6 tundi tagasi
I want space bread!
Andras Libal
Andras Libal 6 tundi tagasi
Germans do not give citizenship based on the location of birth that is a peculiar weird British and American thing. Perhaps a topic for a future video?
Emīls b
Emīls b 6 tundi tagasi
It was perfect... BEFORE I CLICKED
DJUNGELSKOG 6 tundi tagasi
corridor crew: 0_o
Jonathan Salim
Jonathan Salim 6 tundi tagasi
Depends on what you mean by solve. By simplest term, the computer can't define 0/0.
William 6 tundi tagasi
At least we would still have Beethoven and Wagner.
Mixed Reality Sim Racing
Mixed Reality Sim Racing 6 tundi tagasi
Be careful to not get sued by Lego like others because they said Lego to bricks from competitors which look like Lego but aren't :D
anton smith
anton smith 6 tundi tagasi
@Tom Scott , I am shocked that u didnt try the office toaster again on another level.
jameswalker199 6 tundi tagasi
This doesn't horrify me. Over the last, what? Two years? Over that time I've just got used to the constant background chatter that the ocean is filled with plastic, and I can't do a lot about it other than recycle the plastic I use, which I've already been doing for as long as I can remember.
Felipe Curiel
Felipe Curiel 6 tundi tagasi
“It’s unrealistic to expect some sort of deus ex machina”. THE IRONY
S H N 6 tundi tagasi
4:47 who is recording you up there!!? i dont see a drone either at 4:48
Ghost_Saboteur 7 tundi tagasi
Exactly the same
Aditya Bapat
Aditya Bapat 7 tundi tagasi
Well I thought it would be huge LEGO.
Ali slila
Ali slila 7 tundi tagasi
He’s an excellent mattcalbo impersonator
Mila Ortun
Mila Ortun 7 tundi tagasi
What 100+ years of car imperialism does to mfs
Evilsturn 7 tundi tagasi
"I'll leave fixing that as a problem for someone else" I gotchu fam Dict = { 3 : "Fizz", 5 : "Buzz", 15 : "FizzBuzz" } keys = list(Dict.keys()) for i in range(1, 101): output = "" for j in range(0,len(keys)): if i % keys[j] == 0: output = Dict[keys[j]] if output == "": output = i print(output)
Stem Artin
Stem Artin 7 tundi tagasi
Brilliantly ironic how the washed up Lego is ocean themed 😂
Duchess of Lemon
Duchess of Lemon 7 tundi tagasi
100% accurate as of May 14, 2021 at 2:33 AM PST
We Live
We Live 7 tundi tagasi
Alternative title: Doing illegal stuff in London
PseudoEmpathy 7 tundi tagasi
What happens if you just... buy a mixer tap? From the internet?
Salamihawk 7 tundi tagasi
Just be careful while digging around on the beach, you don’t wanna grab a Coney Island whitefish