The Radioactive Beach In New York
How Many Languages Are There?
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Why The Web Is Such A Mess
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I Almost Learned To Fly A Jetpack
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It’s pronounced GIF.
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Would You Swim In Power Plant Wastewater?
Swimming Between Two Continents, Debunked
Which Is "Bouba", and Which Is "Kiki"?
David Balaam
David Balaam 6 tundi tagasi
I think you ought to make one of the fictional ones as an April fools video.
Peter Falconer
Peter Falconer 6 tundi tagasi
Reminds me of "Title Of The Song" by Da Vinci's Notebook. Meta! :D
BagelBear 6 tundi tagasi
"It's time to play, Is This an Adver-" *ad plays from paramount+ saying "This is Paramount+"*
Onion Bot
Onion Bot 6 tundi tagasi
Nice thumbnail tom
Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy 6 tundi tagasi
The BBC are always advertis
wolfboyft 6 tundi tagasi
all inbetween...?
wolfboyft 6 tundi tagasi
there's more but whatever
Terrance Campin
Terrance Campin 6 tundi tagasi
Good vid! You deserve more subscribers. You should use smzeus . c o m, I used it on my main channel and it helped me rank my videos!
whomst !
whomst ! 6 tundi tagasi
flying garlic bread asmr
Troll Jod
Troll Jod 6 tundi tagasi
With my new PC; Progress bar goes brrrrr.....
Jean-Philippe Martel
Jean-Philippe Martel 6 tundi tagasi
Go Things! Keep Doing what you Do!
Basant Hangal
Basant Hangal 6 tundi tagasi
I thought this video was uploaded by Tom Scott.
Tzun - Monster Warlord
Tzun - Monster Warlord 6 tundi tagasi
Sounds like the plot of a Dr. Who Episode
Will Kirton
Will Kirton 6 tundi tagasi
Just look at Tom's expression at 10:01 . It almost matches "Flags and water" exasperation.
Novawatt 7 tundi tagasi
How difficult was it to make sure that you saying 1:24 seconds lined up exactly with 1:24 in the video? that must of taken quite a lot of prep
Farts the Stinky
Farts the Stinky 7 tundi tagasi
Kinda like how I pay about 8 bucks to possibly get cancer
Reza Parsaee
Reza Parsaee 7 tundi tagasi
One surprisingly artistic and meaningful video about something seemingly boring and trivial. I really enjoyed watching this!
Ghostsheepy 7 tundi tagasi
King tut has been dead for more then 6 years now!
Crest Villa
Crest Villa 7 tundi tagasi
I saw an Italian movie Mondo Cane (could be in I or II) where his corpse was taken out yearly for ceremonial signing by his guided corpse hand of university documents. Unfortunately, nobody has posted it here on YT.
LAFTA 7 tundi tagasi
Super wholesome!
Henrayiii The 3rd
Henrayiii The 3rd 7 tundi tagasi
damn. i was born in 2007
Lennon Morrison
Lennon Morrison 7 tundi tagasi
Another hidden rule is how we order adjectives for a noun. Adjectives are ordered by size, colour, and property. For example, “the big brown scary dog” sounds like a normal sentence, but the “brown scary big dog” doesn’t.
Mailman 7 tundi tagasi
"Vote Saxon" I see what you did there
Mansi Kapadia
Mansi Kapadia 7 tundi tagasi
"Differently wrong" is the new phrase for "alternative facts"! Sometimes, real life things need to be a little janky! Thanks Tom for all your hard work!
João Vitor Coelho Machado
João Vitor Coelho Machado 7 tundi tagasi
It's still spot on
El Duderino
El Duderino 7 tundi tagasi
1:18 weird flex, but ok
Ellis Thur
Ellis Thur 7 tundi tagasi
It works for me! It's spot on at 27,711,073 right now.
Gyle 7 tundi tagasi
An individual should have the right to profit from their own IP exclusively for the duration of their life. If their life is cut short unexpectedly then there should be some extension for them.
Bekir Eren Peker
Bekir Eren Peker 7 tundi tagasi
it's my second check and its stil spot on
MEMEZ XP 7 tundi tagasi
Last, but not least! *murder*
Manumusic 7 tundi tagasi
tHiS iS wHaT A mOcKiNg ToNe LoOkS LiKe ApPaReNtLy and its so much work haha
Pink Silk
Pink Silk 7 tundi tagasi
" Jingle bells, batman smells, robin laid an egg Superman made a fart and flew to USA" This is what I remember singing in the playground
tomas pecl
tomas pecl 7 tundi tagasi
Wouldn't making a perfectly accurate progress bar solve the halting problem?
Shrek ed
Shrek ed 7 tundi tagasi
What actually happens if this hits someone on the head? Are you liable? Is it not kinda dangerous ?
A. DUBITANTE 7 tundi tagasi
I think we creators are people ourselves, therefore it's advisable to look inside ourselves for what people wanna see. Unless, of course, one's a weirdo like me.
TheWeepingMan 7 tundi tagasi
oh no tom crashed
Pigman Rocker
Pigman Rocker 7 tundi tagasi
Sorting by colour is psychopathic and stupid. You cant change my mind. It doesnt make sense. Breaks as soon as a series has different colours.
ray Lambert
ray Lambert 7 tundi tagasi
It has finally fallen
Lucas Emerick
Lucas Emerick 7 tundi tagasi
I would go the other way around it, I'd say that emojis are the "gesture" of the virtual world. They were made so we could type the communication that is non-verbal, like gestures, and increase our range of tones.
duddva 7 tundi tagasi
A too smooth progress bar usually fakes some progress, and stops at 99%.
Jpeg 7 tundi tagasi
The var “i” stands for iteration
Slix710 7 tundi tagasi
What I learned is how not everyone always knows what direction north is..? Guess I just have a good sense of direction or something.
Brian Church
Brian Church 7 tundi tagasi
correct till i refreshed
Vicky Boi
Vicky Boi 7 tundi tagasi
Make a separate channel with all the fictional ideas that GPT-3 made up if possible. They would be extremely interesting and would be very entertaining.
Pigman Rocker
Pigman Rocker 7 tundi tagasi
How to fail a drug test on purpose? Take drugs
Roxy50angel YT
Roxy50angel YT 7 tundi tagasi
I've never felt closer to a community.
h h
h h 7 tundi tagasi
0:50 whats updog
cjfelldownagain 7 tundi tagasi
Before watching this video: best thing is waking up on a warm spring day after a good sleep with absoutly no responsibility for that day After watching the video: I am watching this at 4am, I get it.
Bailey has an Awesome Mum!
Bailey has an Awesome Mum! 7 tundi tagasi
Thx for the noleg
Patrik Lindell
Patrik Lindell 7 tundi tagasi
And to this day, no other civilized country knows how long a foot, yard or an inch is.
TSF 8 tundi tagasi
who even puts vinegar on their fries??
Sadie256 8 tundi tagasi
Dude really went to the city and said they lying
Jagdeesh Bhagat
Jagdeesh Bhagat 8 tundi tagasi
Attendance for March 2021 (still on the spot)
Tjeerd 8 tundi tagasi
Does somebody know where this is
David Weppler
David Weppler 8 tundi tagasi
Why would it be safer to add a fuse into the plug? What if the plug is poorly built? Let‘s say we have a poorly build multi plug without a fuse. What if we then plug a lot of devices with a high power consumption in it? We would end with a destroyed cirquit and very costly damage. Also this plug is very clunky. I like the eu plug. All the security features from the beginning of the video are opt-in but also existant.. with a less clunky plug. The rest of the features rely in individual build quality, even for the most important piece of any circuit, the fuse.
Awesome Aasim
Awesome Aasim 8 tundi tagasi
Up next: *How Auto-Tune Works*
probably elvy or something
probably elvy or something 8 tundi tagasi
100% accurate right now
H Morrison
H Morrison 8 tundi tagasi
512,000 bits per second should keep it crystal clear then
CheeseMan114 8 tundi tagasi
I actually want to hear his rant about subtitles
sa7man 0808
sa7man 0808 8 tundi tagasi
Your cool who ever is watching this
The EpicSlayer7 SSS
The EpicSlayer7 SSS 8 tundi tagasi
i wonder if they stacked all the file sizes in certain groups (less then, bigger than... a couple of bracket sizes) and assumed default times for each groups, then adjusted each default groups times to the average of the ones actually processed...
Will Morton
Will Morton 8 tundi tagasi
So what does it look like when done right?
Dave Williams
Dave Williams 8 tundi tagasi
The feeble feigned way unpredictably lie because amusement approximately disagree without a mighty motorboat. recondite, frantic protocol
Troy Gaspard
Troy Gaspard 8 tundi tagasi
Michael Jørgensen
Michael Jørgensen 8 tundi tagasi
What does "exact, precise estimate" even mean ??
Pheeb Hello
Pheeb Hello 8 tundi tagasi
Acorn behind you Starfighter 3000!!!
Nexu 8 tundi tagasi
i love it
mila 8 tundi tagasi
therapist: don't worry. tom scott in a hawaiian shirt can't hurt you tom scott in a hawaiian shirt:
Don Robertson
Don Robertson 8 tundi tagasi
So you don't recommend nordvpn?
Bruno De Rooze
Bruno De Rooze 8 tundi tagasi
The "progress" bars that just go from the left to the right and keep coming are the worst.
joana rudnik
joana rudnik 8 tundi tagasi
5:42 "No one thinks the 20th century pop culture would be a good thing to remember" What about never gonna give you up?
Gabriele Berselli
Gabriele Berselli 8 tundi tagasi
I think I'll find funny comments below...
Cylemons 8 tundi tagasi
6:10 Or you can have an intranet that just connects the voting machines and the central counting server? Not all networks have to be connected to the internet y'know
Just A Turtle
Just A Turtle 8 tundi tagasi
Americans don't have good taps?
Dave Williams
Dave Williams 8 tundi tagasi
The steep spinach excitingly warn because competition immunochemically dust vice a disastrous atom. nebulous, illustrious plane
PuttPuttTheTruck 8 tundi tagasi
Kirk Billy Hosken-Read
Kirk Billy Hosken-Read 8 tundi tagasi
southend on sea is at the thames estuary
Fake Monika
Fake Monika 8 tundi tagasi
Why is this here...Why am I here...WHY ARE YOU HERE???
Varun Gupta
Varun Gupta 8 tundi tagasi
Typical 18-century Britishers.
Tony Dimaric
Tony Dimaric 8 tundi tagasi
Никита Розвод
Никита Розвод 8 tundi tagasi
wait telling me there's sun in England?