CatLovezTokioHotel 31 minut tagasi
Gotta another kcountry boy going to make it....good luck dude..
Bryan Thompson
Bryan Thompson 31 minut tagasi
beane you are fine.
Monsta Monstas
Monsta Monstas 31 minut tagasi
Damn onions
E3voluTion 31 minut tagasi
Yeah. She will win. Not even close
Jad Jreige
Jad Jreige 31 minut tagasi
great voice but some pitch problems
walber houston
walber houston 31 minut tagasi
Omg! OMG! OMG!!!
jaime Hernandez
jaime Hernandez 31 minut tagasi
1:22 waoo
jjdvideo 31 minut tagasi
She could win this 👍😷👌
Steve Schrock
Steve Schrock 31 minut tagasi
That was beautiful
Possum Williams
Possum Williams 32 minutit tagasi
That's a winner... beautiful song, beautiful young lady... proud father , this and the Grace of GOD keep him sober ✝️🙏😂😘
Alejandro Renteria
Alejandro Renteria 32 minutit tagasi
She is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I love her 😍🖤
RP225 32 minutit tagasi
She's beautiful.
nadia moreno
nadia moreno 32 minutit tagasi
Sooooo incredible! Her voice is so beautiful
Kim Pincombe
Kim Pincombe 32 minutit tagasi
Tears 😢😢❤️❤️ beautiful song and voice
Graham Varey
Graham Varey 32 minutit tagasi
Ok she is great but she is not that great, there were some rough notes
Sophia Zalipsky
Sophia Zalipsky 32 minutit tagasi
like where has she’s been
Kasuga Pachaka
Kasuga Pachaka 32 minutit tagasi
This season I can't with the talents lost count of my favorites 😃
Richard Albert
Richard Albert 32 minutit tagasi
Suzy Q
Suzy Q 33 minutit tagasi
In a way, she's like a goldfish... And if she was able to grow that large in such a tiny town, just imagine how big she could become in a larger city, with all that extra room to grow! Yes. YEs. YES! 💗
Edward Diaz
Edward Diaz 33 minutit tagasi
Autumn Bachert
Autumn Bachert 33 minutit tagasi
She forced her voice to much. She would be way better if she didn't push so much
calebj 06
calebj 06 33 minutit tagasi
Nothing like a little pressure from Katie on old papa Lionel
M_ Mince08
M_ Mince08 33 minutit tagasi
I’m in tears! That was amazing! Stunning! Wow!
Thomas McGillivray
Thomas McGillivray 33 minutit tagasi
Imagine Jennifer Hudson voice coaching her....up & up goes her level eh.
Distorted Images
Distorted Images 33 minutit tagasi
It felt kinda over the top could’ve tune it down a little on the runs but overall nice voice......
Julie Russell
Julie Russell 33 minutit tagasi
so this guy gets a yes not you aren't mainstream enough like the unbelievably talented guy the other day who got a no. SO inconsistent
Grant Utterback
Grant Utterback 33 minutit tagasi
Pop Star Anthony iykyk
Danessa Halverson
Danessa Halverson 33 minutit tagasi
Sooooo cute and smooth loveee it
President Elect Unchained Insanity
President Elect Unchained Insanity 33 minutit tagasi
She reminds me of an Edie Brickell.
Sam Russell
Sam Russell 33 minutit tagasi
I need this song to be on my playlist like now!!
Nicolas Kueneman
Nicolas Kueneman 33 minutit tagasi
This girl is it! This is the next one EVERYONE remember her name! Write it down we just witnessed the next biggest name to come to the music industry!!
Le Me
Le Me 34 minutit tagasi
Shes amazing! Also she looks like that mean girl from Camp Rock lol
johnnyborealis 34 minutit tagasi
unique voice - i liked this
genelyn heyres
genelyn heyres 34 minutit tagasi
she looks like britney spears
Livita Lantang
Livita Lantang 34 minutit tagasi
OMG...little Hudson just born again on American Idol. Dang!
not really
not really 34 minutit tagasi
We heard he voted for Trump...TWICE (EACH ELECTION!!!!)
Ms. G
Ms. G 34 minutit tagasi
She better SANG! I think we may have a winner here and she’s from my state.
Brett McCulloch
Brett McCulloch 34 minutit tagasi
She's changing the competition. Top 5 so far.
Richard Hitt
Richard Hitt 34 minutit tagasi
Holy Cow!!!!!
Hannah HS
Hannah HS 34 minutit tagasi
People saying she’s overdoing it clearly aren’t into musical theatre, she gives me very theatrical vibes. Incredible.
ATX BadBassJimmy
ATX BadBassJimmy 34 minutit tagasi
Katy you disappointed me with this one smh, he’s original and did way better than 90% of those who have auditioned this season!
Eddy H.S
Eddy H.S 34 minutit tagasi
Alyssa Wray, your voice so amazing, love from Indonesia
Terena Simons
Terena Simons 34 minutit tagasi
😢😢😢 Arghhhh beautiful song and moment for them!!!
Peter Kenney
Peter Kenney 34 minutit tagasi
What a POWERFUL VOICE! Top 5 in my book!!
Kelly M
Kelly M 35 minutit tagasi
I love New Paltz
Gossip Gal
Gossip Gal 35 minutit tagasi
Pretty sure producers told her to break down half way through song! Kind of cringe ……so many people fall for these sob stories! Why do all of these shows have this prerequisite now that you have to have some kind of traumatic life experience or your out?
Ngam Goimei
Ngam Goimei 35 minutit tagasi
Beautiful... She is gorgeous...
Alyssa Joy Higgins
Alyssa Joy Higgins 35 minutit tagasi
OHMYGOSH YES🙌🏼 So good!!
Segundo Bosquez
Segundo Bosquez 35 minutit tagasi
Im your number#1 fan. Ok.
betacephei 35 minutit tagasi
Has to be top three with a voice like that. Unbelievable. Awesome talent right here guys. What a beautiful charming young lady. Loved it !
Randy Ross
Randy Ross 35 minutit tagasi
Those were 100 percent NOT happy tears... She looks terrified c'mon! 🤣
ratchl 35 minutit tagasi
Richard Warren
Richard Warren 35 minutit tagasi
the show is pre-produced. you're being lied to! watch 3:39-3:43 and pay attention... It's all lies!
MommyShark dododooo
MommyShark dododooo 36 minutit tagasi
People on here confusing screaming with belt. I'm not even a particular fan of this kind of music. But good lord, her belt voice....power. She's gotta learn to rein it in just a little, and work on her head tone, but the raw talent that is here with her breath control in her belt, her vibrato, she's got a real chance.
Yuri Boy
Yuri Boy 36 minutit tagasi
Pity myself coz my only way to watch AI is here in YT.
skilldog10 36 minutit tagasi
JB 36 minutit tagasi
This dude show how he can perform in a family show, lol
Kayla Zuelke
Kayla Zuelke 36 minutit tagasi
Amazing! Can’t believe Luke said no. Can’t wait to see what else he can do.
Erik Goedhart
Erik Goedhart 36 minutit tagasi
Chopping onions…
walber houston
walber houston 36 minutit tagasi
I like this! Great personallity
Tatiana Vásquez
Tatiana Vásquez 36 minutit tagasi
Next American Idol here!!!!!
Sco 36 minutit tagasi
She is incredible.
Michael Deane
Michael Deane 36 minutit tagasi
Sorry too much screaming. Needs to learn subtlety. I'd like to hear her sing a song..
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly 37 minutit tagasi
I wasn't crying before she even started...YOU were crying before she even started!
Angel King
Angel King 37 minutit tagasi
Wow! She may win the whole thing! She can sing!👏👏👏👏👏⚘
Eliminator 37 minutit tagasi
I've never seen anything like her shape. I'm not making fun of her with this comment. I'm honestly just blown away by the uniqueness of it.
ane kopp
ane kopp 37 minutit tagasi
a little bit of whitney houston and jennifer hudson....i like it.
Marilyn Dougherty
Marilyn Dougherty 37 minutit tagasi
Floyd Saunders
Floyd Saunders 37 minutit tagasi
Crazy good. She really has everything. I hope we see her in the finals.
Abby Loo
Abby Loo 37 minutit tagasi
she went to my school
Thomas McGillivray
Thomas McGillivray 37 minutit tagasi
A lovely woman with a great voice eh....me too being a Jennifer Hudson fan.
buckydragon 38 minutit tagasi
The competition is over! You win!
Constitution Under Attack
Constitution Under Attack 38 minutit tagasi
Is not for American idol he can go to a tv kids show 🤦🏻‍♂️
rofhyren Emmanuel
rofhyren Emmanuel 38 minutit tagasi
That's a winning audition for me.... we found a winner 🔥... Wait a minute! this year Idols competition is so tight. 🤞🙆🏾
J J 38 minutit tagasi
She's beautiful and talented. I'm so happy she has dad back❤❤❤
Diwas rai
Diwas rai 38 minutit tagasi
OMG she is soo beautiful and her voice, I m in love but I cant reach her height...
Izelle Doria
Izelle Doria 38 minutit tagasi
I'm sorry but I thought she was awful.
Stanislaw Grabowski
Stanislaw Grabowski 39 minutit tagasi
Best of the while night by far... and it’s not even close...
Alejandro Rosarioo
Alejandro Rosarioo 39 minutit tagasi
She is winning the American idol 2021
Brett McCulloch
Brett McCulloch 39 minutit tagasi
He could win this thing. And I rarely agree with Katy but she was on point here.