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2000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]
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Why Hardcore Minecraft Is So Hard
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1000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]
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100 Drops -  [Ranked in Rainbow 6 Siege]
Chris Spremulli
Chris Spremulli 9 tundi tagasi
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Peter Suhachenski
Peter Suhachenski 9 tundi tagasi
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Miles Williams
Miles Williams 9 tundi tagasi
plz do 200 hundred days super flat
Jian Reizo Rivera
Jian Reizo Rivera 9 tundi tagasi
That looks like an smp what How can 1 person live there
Kermit’s Kermit
Kermit’s Kermit 9 tundi tagasi
Fartnite season 5 lvl 100
Peter Suhachenski
Peter Suhachenski 9 tundi tagasi
The billowy court connoly offend because secure serologically attend amid a wary rate. stupendous, insidious bathtub
Sherwin Camacho
Sherwin Camacho 9 tundi tagasi
you can recover it you only need is to cheat spectate then open lan allow cheat then go creative or survival again.
Ultragamingcat 9 tundi tagasi
Plz do tors 200 and superflat
Joel Backhouse
Joel Backhouse 9 tundi tagasi
These are soooo long but good
Jonas Ehrlich
Jonas Ehrlich 9 tundi tagasi
The jealous cod legally impress because drawer perioperaively face in a minor mass. hissing, burly television
David Acosta
David Acosta 9 tundi tagasi
Realism Anchors Work in the nether
Tiny Mk
Tiny Mk 9 tundi tagasi
Do 3000 days pls
David Acosta
David Acosta 9 tundi tagasi
Luke Respawn Anchors work on!y in nether
okko soto
okko soto 9 tundi tagasi
49:08 roblox oof but low pitch
axel leon
axel leon 9 tundi tagasi
Never thought it would be so entertaining to watch a flat world video
Pokeomega 905
Pokeomega 905 9 tundi tagasi
Miss season 8
Nanaimo Vygen
Nanaimo Vygen 10 tundi tagasi
You habe to build a nice way to your main entrance to the inner compound (to the diamond L)
69 Curry curry
69 Curry curry 10 tundi tagasi
Well ima be honest i missed school for this and thank god it’s 2hours long or history would of killed me
fire and water
fire and water 10 tundi tagasi
First game imp last game imp
SpryzzFnsweat 10 tundi tagasi
Aot fans: THE OCEAN
thatdreamstan 10 tundi tagasi
Zora Swailes
Zora Swailes 10 tundi tagasi
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SP649 says hi
SP649 says hi 10 tundi tagasi
i was at this premere same with every other one lol
One of errors strings
One of errors strings 10 tundi tagasi
Luke: I love purple Me: purple guys true identity
Jawaad Shabodien
Jawaad Shabodien 10 tundi tagasi
I found 3 shooting at me at once in a river I just ran and only came back when I had diamands
Jawaad Shabodien
Jawaad Shabodien 10 tundi tagasi
I mean diamonds
DaPigeon Black
DaPigeon Black 10 tundi tagasi
we need a 3000 days
Mohammed Morsi
Mohammed Morsi 10 tundi tagasi
cool person
cool person 10 tundi tagasi
7:42 leaving this here for the morning I’m going to bed gn
B-159SybrZaku - The 2nd Halo Airsofting spartan
B-159SybrZaku - The 2nd Halo Airsofting spartan 10 tundi tagasi
It’s hard to watch old Halo 5 videos from when it first came out or even the beta. It looks like all the god halo players became noobs and anyone from cod became an ok player but to be god again everyone had to play longer than ever.
August wieczorek
August wieczorek 10 tundi tagasi
I love watching Luke the notable he is the best
Ruairi Hamer
Ruairi Hamer 10 tundi tagasi
Don’t kill dolphins u monster
Oscar Dyer
Oscar Dyer 10 tundi tagasi
tors sounds like google translate
Noah Boy
Noah Boy 10 tundi tagasi
Name the sheep _jeb!!!!
Dragos Petrec
Dragos Petrec 10 tundi tagasi
You should do Terraria 100 days
Daniel cain
Daniel cain 10 tundi tagasi
You probably know but the bedrock hight limit in caves and cliffs update is 512
Junior kountza
Junior kountza 10 tundi tagasi
I think ( im bad at redstone too ) with a comparator you can join two redstone signals but i am not sure. I tried it in a world for two pistons and it worked! With the push of a button it powered two pistons
games Bowl YT
games Bowl YT 10 tundi tagasi
Wow freeh is in an ltn vid
Cloud Jacob Pineda
Cloud Jacob Pineda 10 tundi tagasi
Plees make a part 2 to this and survive for 200 days
Muneeb Mufti
Muneeb Mufti 11 tundi tagasi
luke you should do ark survival evolved 100 days
Random Guy
Random Guy 11 tundi tagasi
Wtf 1 year ago how
Warcat999 11 tundi tagasi
can you get optifine?
splm gaming
splm gaming 10 tundi tagasi
He shouldn't because the piglins could go invisible
WillMcChicken Gaming
WillMcChicken Gaming 11 tundi tagasi
I started writing this comment at 12:34 AM
Dan. Org
Dan. Org 9 tundi tagasi
DAN YT 11 tundi tagasi
5000 days I changed every emerald block in my world to netherite blocks
Max McAllister
Max McAllister 11 tundi tagasi
Lexi-Mai Britton
Lexi-Mai Britton 11 tundi tagasi
The respawn becon is for the neather
Strawberry cow Edits
Strawberry cow Edits 11 tundi tagasi
Lukes favourite words are prophets emeralds iron
Claricevibes 11 tundi tagasi
RA ItsPandaBoy_YT
RA ItsPandaBoy_YT 11 tundi tagasi
Me: Hears i have 3 spare hours Also me: Lets watch 2000 days in hardcore minecraft from ltn again
scary dinosaur
scary dinosaur 11 tundi tagasi
200 days pleaseeee
LacePlayz 11 tundi tagasi
Why tf does he sound like that " clone wars intro voice"
Yeetitan 11 tundi tagasi
K E L P for the bubblevators
Brent kristof Alfaro
Brent kristof Alfaro 11 tundi tagasi
Epic _brawl star
Epic _brawl star 11 tundi tagasi
plss sub to me
Daniel Oxley
Daniel Oxley 11 tundi tagasi
I have watched this series the the wrong order and I sont apologise for it
WillMcChicken Gaming
WillMcChicken Gaming 11 tundi tagasi
bruh the free wifi near me (because my wifi is off) is so bad i literally cant load any videos
asf sdffs
asf sdffs 11 tundi tagasi
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asf sdffs
asf sdffs 11 tundi tagasi
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Complicated Conflict
Complicated Conflict 11 tundi tagasi
excuse me what
Kristy Wells
Kristy Wells 11 tundi tagasi
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Been Baag
Been Baag 10 tundi tagasi
i second that
Midnight Shining
Midnight Shining 11 tundi tagasi
Wait u a girl?😟
WillMcChicken Gaming
WillMcChicken Gaming 11 tundi tagasi
context please?
Holli White
Holli White 11 tundi tagasi
The another actually used to be a flat nether on bedrock edition but they changed it and plus you couldn't find anything if it was a super flat nether
Hadi Daniel Ratcliff
Hadi Daniel Ratcliff 11 tundi tagasi
The horse in my survival jumps five blocks
Uncl3FatPouch 12 tundi tagasi
man day 26 in the tempel you find the raredt ithem in the game teh enshantde apple man wtf
Strawberry cow Edits
Strawberry cow Edits 12 tundi tagasi
James Daly
James Daly 11 tundi tagasi
I love luke
WillMcChicken Gaming
WillMcChicken Gaming 11 tundi tagasi
yeah that seems accurate to what a seizure would be if it was put into words 😂
Ishanya ch cat
Ishanya ch cat 11 tundi tagasi
No I found it, it is..... I Love Luked
Ishanya ch cat
Ishanya ch cat 11 tundi tagasi
Mario Yu
Mario Yu 12 tundi tagasi
The two dew unlikely crash because beer intradurally observe following a womanly believe. nice, daily den
YOAL bk 12 tundi tagasi
I did not think that you had that long hair
achmed Lachned
achmed Lachned 12 tundi tagasi
Jascon123 12 tundi tagasi
you love it when you cure a zombie villager and it is a nit wick
Splixy 12 tundi tagasi
The amount of stonks he made from this video
Troy Huynh
Troy Huynh 12 tundi tagasi
The elite scene finallly relax because denim namely part into a imminent cauliflower. shrill, pumped basket
Troy Huynh
Troy Huynh 12 tundi tagasi
The rough dry aerobically analyse because kettle logistically return concerning a willing pipe. zonked, adjoining chain
AMBER 12 tundi tagasi
Ah imagine 100 semen on a pirate ship
Zenek Ragdoll
Zenek Ragdoll 12 tundi tagasi
Mongol hordes be like: 21:48
Keeley O'Malley
Keeley O'Malley 12 tundi tagasi
Lol how have I saw this
Emma Pinegar
Emma Pinegar 12 tundi tagasi
The lush stage ophthalmoscopically desert because fedelini conceptually sip for a painstaking alcohol. male, ill-fated stamp
Complicated Conflict
Complicated Conflict 11 tundi tagasi
Is this a frikn trend??
WillMcChicken Gaming
WillMcChicken Gaming 11 tundi tagasi
Grace and Stanley Figets
Grace and Stanley Figets 12 tundi tagasi
Rip cat
Milka 2011
Milka 2011 12 tundi tagasi
Please can you 200 days
Wik Wik
Wik Wik 12 tundi tagasi
oh damn
Holli White
Holli White 12 tundi tagasi
I love how he says pog
Ewan T Youtube
Ewan T Youtube 12 tundi tagasi
Am I the only one who thought tors was some kind of mod when they read the title?
Miguel Meza
Miguel Meza 12 tundi tagasi
He’s separating horses by color had me dead
Complicated Conflict
Complicated Conflict 11 tundi tagasi
atleast not racist
Scout 12 tundi tagasi
We love u L TN!
thatdreamstan 12 tundi tagasi
when is 3000 days ???
Jim the quagsire
Jim the quagsire 12 tundi tagasi
be patient bruh
Nirmal Santhosh Parthipan
Nirmal Santhosh Parthipan 12 tundi tagasi
can you make a nether base in 3000 days video