New 6 Invisibility Spell Queen Walk!
THE RAPPS ML 8 tundi tagasi
Damnn your rich hell
shaili jain
shaili jain 8 tundi tagasi
To be honest, this is the first time i've seen Judo Sloth not wearing a T-shirt 😂
samarth vasisht.k
samarth vasisht.k 8 tundi tagasi
I feel the defence for the th should be the giga mortar but it does multiple attacks and shouls have a increased splash damage
samarth vasisht.k
samarth vasisht.k 8 tundi tagasi
I know it the th's defence has already been decided but im talking about th 15
Tjmarquee 8 tundi tagasi
Pinoy pa klaban 😎😎😎
Fushiguro Toji
Fushiguro Toji 8 tundi tagasi
His intro sounds like a rap because of his voice and the background music
Chigs BS
Chigs BS 8 tundi tagasi
Beaker lab
James Bailey
James Bailey 8 tundi tagasi
Lol how at 45 have I became a coc geek...
Mayuresh Waingankar
Mayuresh Waingankar 8 tundi tagasi
That helped me, Thanks Judo❤️
KMC IS BACK 8 tundi tagasi
Judo is unique
Chirag saini
Chirag saini 9 tundi tagasi
Thanks bro i 3 starred it in first try 😎😎
cranky danky cyanide inhaler
cranky danky cyanide inhaler 9 tundi tagasi
bless your soul, judo.
ijat boi
ijat boi 9 tundi tagasi
Indo 👍🏼
Demir Acar
Demir Acar 9 tundi tagasi
is it just me or judo looks like linus tech tips
Deepika Dilrukshi
Deepika Dilrukshi 9 tundi tagasi
Hi judo sloth Please invite me your clan
Squallycellar 25
Squallycellar 25 9 tundi tagasi
I’m not gonna stop rushing
Justin Y?
Justin Y? 9 tundi tagasi
Nice ,but why no pekka bowler army
Arcanace `
Arcanace ` 9 tundi tagasi
Dhruv Jain
Dhruv Jain 10 tundi tagasi
All were super cool!!😂
Gary Sumayao
Gary Sumayao 10 tundi tagasi
Got it in one go. Great and simple tutorial judo!
Farhan Sadik Tanzim
Farhan Sadik Tanzim 10 tundi tagasi
I am unsatisfied with super cell cuz why they didn't send an dark elixir themed underwear to this legend😅❤️
unknown 10 tundi tagasi
His from my country, Indonesia
Nibbatar BS
Nibbatar BS 10 tundi tagasi
Part 2 soon? With the new clan Castle Changes
JIMBlocks 10 tundi tagasi
There is no wrong with rushing, Why? Because rushed or not your main goal is to max your account
Chandravir Singh
Chandravir Singh 10 tundi tagasi
I have done it in, very good strategy.
Crazzi vlogs
Crazzi vlogs 10 tundi tagasi
Sumit 007
House Coc
House Coc 10 tundi tagasi
Can you do a vid with no siege machines and no heros pls?
Jaspreet Singh
Jaspreet Singh 11 tundi tagasi
Very helpful
sajee o
sajee o 11 tundi tagasi
I like judo sloth channel very much
silver sloth
silver sloth 11 tundi tagasi
The second attack was brilliant, speechless, amazing. Jojo is a perfect player of coc
Muhammad Al Fatih
Muhammad Al Fatih 11 tundi tagasi
Nice content.
Nouzou Huda
Nouzou Huda 11 tundi tagasi
You play pubg mobile too?
Zain M
Zain M 11 tundi tagasi
Thanks for th 9 base
Alex Harby
Alex Harby 11 tundi tagasi
YOU HERO! Thank you
Jessary Viray
Jessary Viray 11 tundi tagasi
Pls always upload daily
Kujo Jitendra
Kujo Jitendra 11 tundi tagasi
Stop shouting it's cringe
Alwin Thomas
Alwin Thomas 11 tundi tagasi
Please help me My account is lost When i try to contact supercell they arent responding
mirza Čampara
mirza Čampara 11 tundi tagasi
Junhh 11 tundi tagasi
I only use queen and king to ưinn
MyKey IsYoung?
MyKey IsYoung? 12 tundi tagasi
My main is currently TH9 halfway done maxing and a rushed TH10 going to TH11 best way to rush is to hardabuse clanwars+ the 3day TH booster (pass+clangames help a ton aswell)
HammerHat 666
HammerHat 666 12 tundi tagasi
When he says “I am your host *Judo sloth* “ Me : [Visible Satisfaction]
THE KID 12 tundi tagasi
06__Ananthu S
06__Ananthu S 12 tundi tagasi
I started playing coc 1 st day of 2021
Sai Kothavade
Sai Kothavade 12 tundi tagasi
It worked for me ☺️
SWING BRO 12 tundi tagasi
Welcome back guys...❤️❤️❤️like a rap
Pupzilla 12 tundi tagasi
He pushed forward and he is now town hall 14 :)
Dino Kids
Dino Kids 12 tundi tagasi
This guy asks the most obvious rhetorical questions... “What type of bases will we find”... the same bases you came across all this time
Rich Matthew Guinto
Rich Matthew Guinto 12 tundi tagasi
Anne 12 tundi tagasi
Dude thank u so much
Stealth McKlaren Modesto
Stealth McKlaren Modesto 12 tundi tagasi
I found a video of you and klaus 1v1 in builder base you look scary there
nOOb!JeWeL Queen
nOOb!JeWeL Queen 12 tundi tagasi
i think use owl with queen walk attacks , because yak dued fast due to no one healing it , queen has healers and rage , so ut would be better to increase fier power of queen with owl i think in queen walk
rajkumar shukla
rajkumar shukla 13 tundi tagasi
5 years wasted
Whopcap 13 tundi tagasi
I love how Judo Sloth sings his greetings with the intro song 🎶
Pupzilla 13 tundi tagasi
I love the intro
Fizz 13 tundi tagasi
Nice clan name lol
Jai_Iz Here
Jai_Iz Here 13 tundi tagasi
"Quick fire guide" makes a vid 22 mins long
NXT META 13 tundi tagasi
SirDeadKing 13 tundi tagasi
Lorenzo Vergara
Lorenzo Vergara 13 tundi tagasi
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro 13 tundi tagasi
Won't anyone talk about his first day was th 8 in thumbnail
NightZapper3 Gaming
NightZapper3 Gaming 13 tundi tagasi
you bought a $1000 iPad to play Clash of Clan ?!!
Sony Darius Villaestrr
Sony Darius Villaestrr 14 tundi tagasi
I have 2 acc ones is th 8 end my 2nd acc is th7
iFury 14 tundi tagasi
Played 1 month of clash maxed TH8