Film Theory: Naruto Run is BEST Run!
Film Theory: Scooby Doo is an Alien?!
Film Theory: Rick and Morty Sold You Out!
Zahangir Alam
Zahangir Alam 20 tundi tagasi
maybhe the covid19 is just a accedential incredibely small transformer that broke out of its lab and is trying to eliminate us all
Forsaken Gamez
Forsaken Gamez 20 tundi tagasi
Pickle in the middle is just the game keep away mr editor
ICeyD 20 tundi tagasi
Battlestar galactaca
GarGan 20 tundi tagasi
Mat: talks alot about Norway Me from Norway: :0
8-bit Ghost
8-bit Ghost 20 tundi tagasi
Ladies and gentlemen today we are doing a wall-E theory but we’re going to have Pokémon in the majority of it
MiniStrangeAF 20 tundi tagasi
Franklin the Turtle and Arthur should do a clab change my mind?
Tobias 20 tundi tagasi
Bruh hogwarts only starts at 11 which in untill that time most poeple get familiar with math reading and things like that after that they have to still use parts of those subjects for some classes like reading and basic math.
Gerard Shore
Gerard Shore 20 tundi tagasi
That isn't the only way to beat the monster, it isn't even a particularly good way. The thing is susceptible to kinetic energy and stopped by barriers. Keeping it off its feet by shooting it with a shotgun long enough to trap it in a cage wouldn't be so difficult. Once it is trapped, you can live your life without ever having to worry about math. Maybe burying that cage in some cement would help relieve the "what if" factor.
Basher ng Kasukutan
Basher ng Kasukutan 20 tundi tagasi
Another childhood destroyed
SomeRandomPerson 20 tundi tagasi
chubby bunny? eh.... i prefer stuffy bunny
SomeRandomPerson 20 tundi tagasi
(don't google it)
Bruce thomas
Bruce thomas 20 tundi tagasi
There’s a new local5
Za Reverso
Za Reverso 20 tundi tagasi
the specials sounds like a knock off Incredibles
Kishore Devulapally
Kishore Devulapally 20 tundi tagasi
Hey Mattpat please do a hulk tutorial using Crispercas9 ☺☺☺
ayan joanne antimano
ayan joanne antimano 20 tundi tagasi
My theory is if the darka vengefs come out as a movie Dr starnge will still be alive and bring backt he old avengers
Justin JuicePack
Justin JuicePack 20 tundi tagasi
Oregon...? Idk how spell I don't live there. YAY!
theonethatrise rising
theonethatrise rising 20 tundi tagasi
Joshua Bonner
Joshua Bonner 20 tundi tagasi
I love your quips about toddlers. They are 100% accurate. I own 2 myself.
TEAM T.I.O 20 tundi tagasi
I remember those guys earlier in this series the first couple of guys rock killed were talking about going to Nebraska
Tristan Badolato
Tristan Badolato 20 tundi tagasi
Love this guy
HadixLadix 20 tundi tagasi
Miguel Flores Aguirre
Miguel Flores Aguirre 20 tundi tagasi
Elon Musk: Go on...
Da Goose
Da Goose 21 tund tagasi
I kinda liked the original scrappy
Candy 12438
Candy 12438 21 tund tagasi
I can't eat marshmallows
MattsLegoChannel 21 tund tagasi
Sony makes counsels games with spider man in it and so how about that?
SREENIVASA RAO B 21 tund tagasi
All explanation is good matpat, but how can u explain “how they can harness protons with their bare hands in the first place to do all those scincyy stuff you explained in the video”
brianna 1
brianna 1 21 tund tagasi
The Conjuring (1 & 2), annabelle (both) and The Nun are literally the best horror movies i’ve ever watched
Noah Harris
Noah Harris 21 tund tagasi
So, Hank and Bobby are brothers?
ทีฟา ร็อคฮาร์ด
ทีฟา ร็อคฮาร์ด 21 tund tagasi
What could happen after Batman's year one, this will be Answer!?
brianna 1
brianna 1 21 tund tagasi
quija was the worst horror movie i’ve ever seen 😁👌🏾✨
Sheryl Rada
Sheryl Rada 21 tund tagasi
What is the fourt channel
Sheryl Rada
Sheryl Rada 21 tund tagasi
What is the fourt channel
Sheryl Rada
Sheryl Rada 21 tund tagasi
Fourth channel i mean
Merkus’ bizarre arty adventure
Merkus’ bizarre arty adventure 21 tund tagasi
Spoiler alert: spider-man wins
Australian Bleach
Australian Bleach 21 tund tagasi
Anthony Joshua was KO at a sparring session the day before the Andy Ruiz fight. It wasnt a fair fight and thats why he won in the rematch
7C Anushka Kumari 5
7C Anushka Kumari 5 21 tund tagasi
Me running in a Marathon like Naruto : Naruto fans running in marathon : Dude you naruto fan too?! Me : Yeah! Naruto fan : Let's win this match
Will Harriman
Will Harriman 21 tund tagasi
Can you make another DHMIS theory
Serdar Murat
Serdar Murat 21 tund tagasi
Everyone: green needle or brain storm? Me: brain needle True story
Jesha Lorimel Salvia
Jesha Lorimel Salvia 21 tund tagasi
Demon Railer
Demon Railer 21 tund tagasi
The biggest issue with this is that the game and all the hardware wouldn’t cost just $60. The Oculus Rift goes for $300, so I’m betting the first fully immersive VR game/headset would cost around $600-$1000 per sale. Making the 10,000 sales at launch bring in at minimum 6-10 million just at launch.
Teen Navy Aspirant
Teen Navy Aspirant 21 tund tagasi
I just noticed He is going off script when the A A R D VARK scene comes on with the script. It reveals that he went off script is it possible Film Theory is making his own theory?
shotingstarr 79
shotingstarr 79 21 tund tagasi
The soulstone is in a weird planet it says in avengers endgame
GamerFuzionHD 21 tund tagasi
Well at least now we know to expect the opposite of MatPat's prediction since well he's usually wrong lol
LADDY LAD LASS 21 tund tagasi
My theory on when the episode happens not any amazing evidence but eh: I believe this takes place after DHMS 6 and this is "real life" in the timeline.
Claas Deilmann
Claas Deilmann 21 tund tagasi
At 1:11 is that a hs 129 in the backround? Nickname the duck?
Old Man Gerald
Old Man Gerald 21 tund tagasi
It’s an STD (sexually transmitted demon)
Super Eggplant
Super Eggplant 21 tund tagasi
There is a low chance of being killed by a lego but never 0
dizzyizzylizzie 21 tund tagasi
The Entity sounds like a metaphor for STDS.... Edit: oh, so I was onto the metaphor
TerminalHamster 21 tund tagasi
I'm assuming most of us saw this and then just thought 'Or we can just lure it into liquid concrete', cheap, efficient, and you can just keep building on top of it as a hobby, or plate the concrete in steel sheeting when your budget is higher. Or when you've really saved up, truck the concrete to a lava flow.
Cat Banana
Cat Banana 21 tund tagasi
I watched salad fingers when I was like 7 or 8 and I can't remember anything from it
dark lord
dark lord 21 tund tagasi
I remember when the video said '2 days ago' Can't believe It's been this long lol
I've Got Diarrhoea
I've Got Diarrhoea 21 tund tagasi
The heavy breathing is not him loosing stamina.. its the thrill of slicing up meat sacks.. when cutting meat bags continuously.. it gets to you..
Alan Macdonald
Alan Macdonald 21 tund tagasi
Actually sonic could’ve seen the largest rubber band ball and ran all the way to Florida maybe it’s a commercial to travel there
Delfa Fermin
Delfa Fermin 21 tund tagasi
Super relatable
Pufuleti 21 tund tagasi
I just realized Remy's voice is the same voice as Jessie's from minecraft story mode, I'm pretty sure...
cloud ix
cloud ix 21 tund tagasi
What if you fked the entity? Does it go after itself?
Coolblasterz 21 tund tagasi
Anyone else clicked on this thinking it was a Food Theory?
X8129 21 tund tagasi
Are your videos dangerous next theory
GE Gamer
GE Gamer 21 tund tagasi
here's why this theory has flaws: 1. Xaviers school gives admission to one non-mutant and is considered to be less discriminative than other!!!!! 2. The government of the rest of the world and the ministry of magic has separate rules, and in their community giving admission to a squim is equal to giving admission to an alien in ours (u can't invoke discrimination laws there). Love ur videos though
Donnie Dial
Donnie Dial 22 tundi tagasi
Why did everything get bad after this movie released?
Liam Flick
Liam Flick 22 tundi tagasi
You. Are. Wrong!!!!!!!!
OMentoR Playz
OMentoR Playz 22 tundi tagasi
Noooo poppy is just talking in Morse code when saying her name. How has anyone not realized this yet?
cler ibanez
cler ibanez 22 tundi tagasi
Okay then
OMentoR Playz
OMentoR Playz 22 tundi tagasi
Nah my theory is that poppy ate 2 tons of medical weed when she was a child and that destroyed her brain. And also how has Matt not made a video about the guy who just sits and smiles.
Remy Boi Boi
Remy Boi Boi 22 tundi tagasi
One punch man obviously would win
Lizette Rodriguez
Lizette Rodriguez 22 tundi tagasi
did he said a** o-o
cler ibanez
cler ibanez 22 tundi tagasi
I'm sad and happy at the same time
Kill Switch Gaming
Kill Switch Gaming 22 tundi tagasi
Does anyone else notice arthur has a friend bull dog but has a dog "pet"
gacha hooman
gacha hooman 22 tundi tagasi
Who is watching exactly one year later
Puli Z
Puli Z 22 tundi tagasi
i like RuSTY SPOONS the feeling of rust on my salad fingers
Wotmen Re
Wotmen Re 22 tundi tagasi
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Tamara De Jong
Tamara De Jong 22 tundi tagasi
This is the nature theorist not the film theorist
Itz Kash
Itz Kash 22 tundi tagasi
I did this in pe got home every time :>
Alastor 22 tundi tagasi
*Me watching this near Halloween, years after it came out*
Gav1n 9layz
Gav1n 9layz 22 tundi tagasi
Can anyone hear both? nope just me? Ok
Pine Tree Pictures
Pine Tree Pictures 22 tundi tagasi
I liked Dreams the best.
IBW 3000
IBW 3000 22 tundi tagasi
Just for reference: a single cell has over a trillion atoms, and the average human body has trillions of cells. I’ll just leave it at that.
Sebastian Tempeny
Sebastian Tempeny 22 tundi tagasi
Freddy Krueger Hass to be the least scary because he makes jokes even if they are bad he’s less scarier because what do you get from Jason besides heavy breathing nothing
Draco Dragon
Draco Dragon 22 tundi tagasi
Well he Sweats a substance like nitroglycerin and nitroglycerin and water are two different things
Salain Ros
Salain Ros 22 tundi tagasi
can you do a video on kipo it is in neffex
tzimis7 legend
tzimis7 legend 22 tundi tagasi
You are not Debunking! All these as you say are theories (which are pretty good) but in the end of the day they are just theories!
cheez-it man
cheez-it man 22 tundi tagasi
I thought you were gonna say something about the 1 baby limitation placed by the chinese style government because they dont want rabbits to overtake the other races and overpopulated