Film Theory: Aquaman is NO Hero!
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Film Theory: The Lorax Movie LIED To You!
Film Theory: Jigsaw was RIGHT! (Saw Movies)
Kay Norton
Kay Norton 11 tundi tagasi
Jesse Miller
Jesse Miller 11 tundi tagasi
I love matpat
todd hamilton
todd hamilton 11 tundi tagasi
Nemo makes more sense because technically there are no female clownfish until spawning!
Jesse Miller
Jesse Miller 11 tundi tagasi
Actually the mind stone is last
Dawson Tatertot
Dawson Tatertot 11 tundi tagasi
For 1m subs he should reveal his search history. I wanna see all of the stuff he looks at for his theories
Owocat 11 tundi tagasi
hI mAtPaT
Owocat 11 tundi tagasi
ChickyBoomEntertainment 11 tundi tagasi
Theory: In Despicable Me, Gru is seen picking up the entire moon with one hand. Yes, he did shrink it, but since an object’s mass does not change when it shrinks, this means that Gru is the strongest being in the universe. The only person that can stop him is Vector himself, since he is seen being crushed by the moon, with only broken glasses to tell the story. Mind you, the moon weighs approximately 16,200,000,000,000,000,000,000 lbs.
Underswap Sans gaming
Underswap Sans gaming 11 tundi tagasi
bro its a cartoon
Van Lemay
Van Lemay 11 tundi tagasi
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 11 tundi tagasi
Remember when Nemo appeared as a stuffed toy in Monster's Inc when they go to Boo's bedroom? And that movie was released in 2001.
Reyce gaming TV
Reyce gaming TV 11 tundi tagasi
Can you do a vid on the tattoo on the main character in nobody’s arm?
ryan shaw
ryan shaw 11 tundi tagasi
His panting isn’t from exhaustion; it’s “anger panting” if that’s makes sense? These movies came out late 80’s early 90’s when wrestling was huge and that was always how wrestlers showed there intimidating stature by panting and expanding their already large chest.. Kane hodder simply borrowed a wrestling move
SPIDER PIG 11 tundi tagasi
Hey mat pat, You should do a video, about how moana's whole adventure is just her delusion. That is my theory,But i know you will explain it way better.What do you think? Did she imagine the whole thing?
S&S AMERICA 11 tundi tagasi
"Sir a plane is a plane, are you suggesting that a plane's not a plane because a plane is a plane"
YungJB 11 tundi tagasi
Epic opening
chuck bryant
chuck bryant 11 tundi tagasi
They look a lot like the cats seen thru the fractured time episode
Victor Ward
Victor Ward 11 tundi tagasi
I don’t know why but that intro was bone chilling
Ben Lop
Ben Lop 11 tundi tagasi
DeerSap 11 tundi tagasi
Um if this is true explain cars 3 which literally says in the movie that they are built by someone. Also why with every movie I watch more than once a video like this pops up?
some name i forgot
some name i forgot 11 tundi tagasi
Original Individuals
Original Individuals 11 tundi tagasi
Darn 3 min in and I'm already convinced
mr. Editts
mr. Editts 11 tundi tagasi
Was my science teacher special because he actually did teach me about the 4th state of matter
TheGodElf 11 tundi tagasi
I personally think that the sounds when Rick looks at the truth is the sound of the aliens actually procreating through use of human heads. As jerry says after Rick erases his memory “total mind f**k”. Listening closely sounds like some kind of penetration (for lack of a better word) followed by a baby crying. Possibly how the cat also learned English rather than some other language.
ClashComeback 11 tundi tagasi
Or just be the cameraman
Mrh20beast 11 tundi tagasi
If he's a time traveler than he traveled to win the poker game
Mr. Eight Eyes
Mr. Eight Eyes 11 tundi tagasi
I cant think of anything matpat has done that i dont like Edit: even before he neurolized me
Goodvibes Egbef
Goodvibes Egbef 11 tundi tagasi
Imma be honest........I hated finding Nemo 😂
Bajan Cali
Bajan Cali 11 tundi tagasi
I Haven’t Slept In 3 Days-
I Haven’t Slept In 3 Days- 11 tundi tagasi
I wonder how he would react to being second to todo as a measuring stick
Mango 6156
Mango 6156 11 tundi tagasi
Do a video were you see who's stronger Naruto or goku
Aaron Max
Aaron Max 11 tundi tagasi
So. I feel your pain my journalism teacher made us watch this and write a review on it
Andres Carrasco
Andres Carrasco 11 tundi tagasi
Really? You are telling us to not overthink it?
Enes Navrboc
Enes Navrboc 11 tundi tagasi
So thej don' t have womb but have fire i water
Jonathan KenneyOles
Jonathan KenneyOles 11 tundi tagasi
Queen Elisabeth oo a long movie
FattyManNumber1 11 tundi tagasi
what about when saitama punches the air and blows up a mountain behind cyborg dude?
NOT A HUMAN 11 tundi tagasi
Don’t hate me but I liked the movie tbh
aaron ambata
aaron ambata 11 tundi tagasi
make a theory about smg4
iiiTechnoDuckxX 11 tundi tagasi
Tragic events....versus EXTINCTION LEVEL THREAT lol ok wonder what wins
HURRICANE 7 11 tundi tagasi
Rose Petal
Rose Petal 11 tundi tagasi
My dad had to wear noise canceling headphones at his work because he had misophonia but he couldn't filter out any noise at all
DeathKid682 12 tundi tagasi
Cydamic Productions
Cydamic Productions 12 tundi tagasi
It's a shame that we don't really see Godzilla in this movie either. At least it isn't as rare though.
Sans 12 tundi tagasi
matthew hill
matthew hill 12 tundi tagasi
riley. L
riley. L 12 tundi tagasi
Secret Code: Your Television Is Studying You
Fallout Pip
Fallout Pip 12 tundi tagasi
Have we considered that it may not be aliens but rather former soviets and/or present soviets?
ISpill Fishy
ISpill Fishy 12 tundi tagasi
Mariel Castillo
Mariel Castillo 12 tundi tagasi
This is a history lesson now and its wesday my last day of school in person but then online twomore
Space Puppies YT
Space Puppies YT 12 tundi tagasi
Any Percy Jackson fans triggered by what Poseidon looks like?😒
Layla Camsa
Layla Camsa 12 tundi tagasi
Matpat, my little bro loves sponge bob. I’m trying to help home think. You think you can wipe something up. Surprisingly after watching it with him, there’s some big lore in it.
Dream Weaver ASMR
Dream Weaver ASMR 12 tundi tagasi
Also not to mention in strange coincidence that Stan and Bill share the same VA
Pink Soldier2009
Pink Soldier2009 12 tundi tagasi
Titanic did not win the most oscars!! Ben-Hur (1959) also won 11 oscars. Get your facts straight!
Matthew Conely
Matthew Conely 12 tundi tagasi
there is 1 year left until we are safe, lets hope elon musk dosen't get inspired
Power Puppy
Power Puppy 12 tundi tagasi
I think matpat should make a book theory and cover stuff like wing of fire and more
0IShadowI0 12 tundi tagasi
Plot twist: After being irradiated he becomes Hulk 2.0
F. Williams Yu
F. Williams Yu 12 tundi tagasi
Godzilla lose
J-J Markle-Gagne
J-J Markle-Gagne 12 tundi tagasi
Me and the boys
Sans 12 tundi tagasi
i have related and im STILL a kid and i still want to
Jackm6671 12 tundi tagasi
untill the stockpile quirk comes in
Your_local_gacha5678 12 tundi tagasi
Do you remember the love episode well yellow guys special one has pink hair so I'm confused 😂😂😂😂
OUTDOOR CRUSADERS 12 tundi tagasi
Jamie Dalton
Jamie Dalton 12 tundi tagasi
Theory idea: Maui is not a god I have very little evidence but i did notice that Maui said he made the ground, so why didn’t he make more too get off the island? And also we don’t really see him do any god like stuff other than use his hook which may be useable by humans.
Martin Jn Louis
Martin Jn Louis 12 tundi tagasi
Hercules is Ariels uncle not cousin
Hunter Weeks
Hunter Weeks 12 tundi tagasi
*finishes snorting powdered theory* Ahhhh yeaeahh that's a good theory
Brielle Holtz
Brielle Holtz 12 tundi tagasi
You should do an episode on Omega Mart.
Jennifer Cook
Jennifer Cook 12 tundi tagasi
I think it's a mental phobia. Like being afraid of the dark, and then you fall asleep and someone turns the lights off. If you don't know it's there, you're not worried about it. Once you realize that the thing you're afraid of is near you, then your fear is realized.
WeirdstationYT 12 tundi tagasi
Seriously please do a video on that
WeirdstationYT 12 tundi tagasi
Okay I have a Theory idea the battington tapes if the FNAF movie is not going to come out then battington tapes will be your substitute there's actually a lot of lore in it and I was thinking of putting this up to Game Theory but then I noticed you did videos on dhmis so I thought you know what why not battington tapes our kind of FNAF like so I think you should do a video on the baddington tapes
Dutchess Puppy
Dutchess Puppy 12 tundi tagasi
Mabel is my fav by far. She is just every thing.
Dré Sheraton
Dré Sheraton 12 tundi tagasi
5 minutes in and still nothing about why Scar is the rightful King. I'm done.
Oliver Rivera
Oliver Rivera 12 tundi tagasi
This man is a time traveler
scott wiles
scott wiles 12 tundi tagasi
RIP matpat the rat killed him
Youn Nam
Youn Nam 12 tundi tagasi
Jeffery ayala
Jeffery ayala 12 tundi tagasi
Your not ruining my childhood u are making me smarter
David Zoller
David Zoller 12 tundi tagasi
People who read manga be sippin Rea watching this
I am a simple sociopath
I am a simple sociopath 12 tundi tagasi
That might not have been Poseidon, there are many sea gods
Tristan Jacobs
Tristan Jacobs 12 tundi tagasi
meh, elon musk could do it, lol
James 3113
James 3113 12 tundi tagasi
If Klingons can reproduce with humans........
Kookie Seeker
Kookie Seeker 12 tundi tagasi
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