Film Theory: Aquaman is NO Hero!
Film Theory: Why Hamilton SCARES Hollywood!
Film Theory: Naruto Run is BEST Run!
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Film Theory: Scooby Doo is an Alien?!
Film Theory: Rick and Morty Sold You Out!
Film Theory: Can we SAVE Mary? (HiImMaryMary)
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Reece Defoe
Reece Defoe 5 tundi tagasi
Sentinel_Unmaykr 5 tundi tagasi
I always read this as HiLmMaryMary
Sammy K.
Sammy K. 5 tundi tagasi
Hickey totally could’ve done it. Remember when he lead an army of chair crawlers in the floor is lava game? He also would do it to throw a wrench in the study group, or to bring to light Jeff and Annie in order to insight ridicule. He hated the study group until the show was brought under bad management. Not to mention all the free time he has outside of drawing ducks.
Sammy K.
Sammy K. 5 tundi tagasi
He knew about the study group a while ago. He’s been Annie’s criminology teacher, and has a bad habit for watching people
the random show
the random show 5 tundi tagasi
No dad is just an average EEpostr
CubCubs Trooper
CubCubs Trooper 5 tundi tagasi
Didn’t we kinda know this already though, we knew why Oogway chose Po.
Thrive 5 tundi tagasi
Why don’t you just put poison in his food?
Darthpuffi 5 tundi tagasi
Home video release is now 3 months *laughs in pirate*
pinggw1n 5 tundi tagasi
owca in polish means 'sheep'
what have i done
what have i done 5 tundi tagasi
bro they made a fake Springfield this just
Diabetic Jesus
Diabetic Jesus 5 tundi tagasi
The reason that I love King's work so much is that there are no solid rules. Things happen, and you get an idea of how and why they happen, but he never says it outright. This is also the reason that I didn't like Salem's Lot, King strait up told us that they were Vampires.
jax gilson
jax gilson 5 tundi tagasi
flim theory and game theory are the BEST!!!!!!!!
Evelina Åkesson
Evelina Åkesson 5 tundi tagasi
I mean this doesn't really ruin the movie as much as it enhances the message of it. They shouldn't stay on the axium, they shouldn't be controlled by robots. They should come back to earth and rehabilitate the earth and themselves. They should have plants. I don't really mind this theory tbh, cannibalism in a setting where the only other option is actual extintion and you're not even choosing it because you don't know it's happening, isn't so triggering. It's still horrible but it's also understandable that a machine would make the decision. Auto most likely didn't study ethics and morals and doesn't know cannibalism is a big no in human society.
Sammy K.
Sammy K. 5 tundi tagasi
It’s Annie, she literally confesses! Also, Abed would never do this. He hates this type of film, almost as much as bottle episodes
jax gilson
jax gilson 5 tundi tagasi
how do you edit so good
Passion 4 Games
Passion 4 Games 5 tundi tagasi
Would it be possible for Toy Soldiers to be a prequal for Toy Story?
Mason Quaintance
Mason Quaintance 5 tundi tagasi
So what you're saying is...Aquaman is the biggest simp? Killed millions just to get with the girl. Dang
Elizabeth Jarpe-Ratner
Elizabeth Jarpe-Ratner 5 tundi tagasi
it is in Illinois!
Izuby Ye
Izuby Ye 5 tundi tagasi
Matpat didn’t talk about the slowed down tunnel scene
Chloe W
Chloe W 5 tundi tagasi
I LOVE nailed it
Hardware Junkie
Hardware Junkie 5 tundi tagasi
Quite a few things that Wall-E encountered would have completely degraded after hundreds of years (unless the atmosphere and other environmental factors are gone). But since the plant existed and the humans didn't immediately die upon reaching earth, its doubtful
Gaming_Inferno 5 tundi tagasi
Is it strange that he started his channel 4 days after I was born?
Peaceful help
Peaceful help 5 tundi tagasi
Thanks matpat you just helped me with a writing assignment
Layla Newton
Layla Newton 5 tundi tagasi
Is death note demonic my says it is and hit me when she found my death note
She is a palpatine
TW ink -gaming
TW ink -gaming 5 tundi tagasi
First , this was a awesome video And second , never show me that eyeless woody again
Damian that's it
Damian that's it 5 tundi tagasi
Tyokomon X
Tyokomon X 5 tundi tagasi
After watching 6 episodes of the final season I’m dying inside for more
the deerlanda
the deerlanda 5 tundi tagasi
I love how Cinema Sins is in this and has quick cameos
Symphony Sketch
Symphony Sketch 5 tundi tagasi
I remember the Lorax was my favorite story as a tiny child :)
Natasha Esclito
Natasha Esclito 5 tundi tagasi
What if you did a film theory on the man in the yellow hat name from Curious George
Emmanuel Castro
Emmanuel Castro 5 tundi tagasi
Your television is studying u
Eeveefor smashbros
Eeveefor smashbros 5 tundi tagasi
I now know that Footofaferret is the mouse.
doctor man
doctor man 5 tundi tagasi
3:02 was the explosion with anti pat a physics refrence or you just put it there for cool effects
Lehle Qwebani
Lehle Qwebani 5 tundi tagasi
It sound like you explaining something in a anime
PinGamez 5 tundi tagasi
Now that I watch this I hate enemy :(
BillyBadgerDad 5 tundi tagasi
1 year to go.
Prudence Story
Prudence Story 5 tundi tagasi
Oregon I guess
Mike Oropeza
Mike Oropeza 5 tundi tagasi
Do a marvel death count pls
bearjohnathan 5 tundi tagasi
I mean with L3 in the Falcon, it's just like having a really detailed google maps installed for your car. So maybe it tells you where to go, but you still have to be good at driving to follow the route. Not to mention, maybe the reason why Han's flying got good when he was in the Falcon is that the Falcon is a good ship. I mean most of the time you hear Han bragging more about his ship, calling it the "fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy". Han isn't a failure of a pilot, he's a great pilot with an even greater ship.
Lemon Animates
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Stranger things
Lemon Animates
Lemon Animates 5 tundi tagasi
Lemon Animates
Lemon Animates 5 tundi tagasi
Stranger things Stranger things Stranger Stranger things
Cayden Zachary
Cayden Zachary 5 tundi tagasi
This is How many people loves titanic ⬇️⬇️
Uncool Potatoes
Uncool Potatoes 5 tundi tagasi
12:32 that made me jump ngl-
Jacob Estrada
Jacob Estrada 5 tundi tagasi
It’s on HBO max bet i’m gonna watch it right now
-Moon- 5 tundi tagasi
You’re forgetting something... Is a rat even *heavy* enough to press a button?! I can tell you from personal experience with a large hamster that they are a *lot* lighter then you would expect
Kessi Jhones
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i have a theory, maybe this is not real, and this universe is a entire simulation created by human in the future, maybe us is an simulation too, who knows.. who created the universe may are locking at us and thinking " lock to this little creatures if they know that are others creatures rigth close to then, and they will never know because this "close" is billhons ligth years away.
EnderPotato 5 tundi tagasi
Blind people have it easy in this
Xiot7 5 tundi tagasi
Kitty Pride
Kitty Pride 5 tundi tagasi
He is not justice he will over populate the world
Sandra Sandra
Sandra Sandra 5 tundi tagasi
The one thing that I fell the need to comment on: If Scrouge IS 20ft tall, he isn’t Wario. As we all know, Wario is only 10 ft tall.
Izabella Garcia
Izabella Garcia 5 tundi tagasi
Gis Chen
Gis Chen 6 tundi tagasi
I think there is a spectogram code at the end card. If it is a spectogram code, can someone decode it?
DJ dog & Archie
DJ dog & Archie 6 tundi tagasi
(Ps Voldemort had 0.78125 % soul left just so you know the specifics).
Tyler Marth
Tyler Marth 6 tundi tagasi
5:54 I only saw deadpool once both times
awesome as ever today
awesome as ever today 6 tundi tagasi
Have you seen the video welcome to dad on the dad EEpost channel It mentions Mat pat literally by name and some other weird stuff check it out!!! One part reminds me of popey in the video were people talk to her behind the camera with unintelligible langege
Amanda Colbert
Amanda Colbert 6 tundi tagasi
"From there its pretty simple" talks in enchanting table for 5 minutes
Perceptionpoet 6 tundi tagasi
Hello INTERNET WELCOME TO FILMMM THEOORRRYYYYYYY!!!! I hate but love that intro keep it up going through the old hits bro Could u possibly do another rick and morty theory love these ones
Ninjaz's Plazs
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Can you do a video about Trolz world tour because there was a lot of inconsistencies
Ivan Kukumar
Ivan Kukumar 6 tundi tagasi
Are u watching the season 4
Liam Moreland
Liam Moreland 6 tundi tagasi
ur motto should be turning ur favorite movies into ur worst nightmares
Mason Animations
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DJ dog & Archie
DJ dog & Archie 6 tundi tagasi
It is grapefruit.wait no dragon fruit I of those two
Emma Cam
Emma Cam 6 tundi tagasi
You should do a office theory maybe even about the true identity of the Scranton strangler
Tiger Gaming Gav
Tiger Gaming Gav 6 tundi tagasi
Ellerbrook Schmitz
Ellerbrook Schmitz 6 tundi tagasi
i love this theory, but seriously, its a cartoon, its not meant to be realistic
Blaise Vitale
Blaise Vitale 6 tundi tagasi
I think mattpat is the game master and he’s doing this to promote the arg that he’s a part of
Sprite Cranberry Rank 100
Sprite Cranberry Rank 100 6 tundi tagasi
Oh yea sure its not like some huge titan will kick a hole into the wall That would be crazy
Dustin Long
Dustin Long 6 tundi tagasi
this theory: exists JOKER: im boutta end this mans whole career
XxPhantom NymphxX
XxPhantom NymphxX 6 tundi tagasi
No, Light Yagami is incapable of murdering Goku, seeing as Goku is not a human. The Death Note established this rule, quote "The HUMAN whose name is written in this notebook shall die."
haley schwartz
haley schwartz 6 tundi tagasi
Thanks for turning away from the dark side matpat!
lexi lex
lexi lex 6 tundi tagasi
lexi lex
lexi lex 6 tundi tagasi
π •Clown• π
π •Clown• π 6 tundi tagasi
EnderSlade 6 tundi tagasi
Listen to what he says shagy ball z
double H
double H 6 tundi tagasi
Jigsaw is just like light yagami bc they both use something to fix the world.
lexi lex
lexi lex 6 tundi tagasi
that’s on 2020 things 😂
lexi lex
lexi lex 6 tundi tagasi
Joshy_bee 6 tundi tagasi
Well with quantine and content running low... HAVE FUN with your riches beyond comparison