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BLOOPERS! | Wilfur's Return
Pastel Moonster
Pastel Moonster 3 tundi tagasi
Ok, nvm That phone contact doesn't say "JD Killer". It's "Larry Mills" . B R U H
Andre Abdelmassih
Andre Abdelmassih 3 tundi tagasi
Nice name.
Pastel Moonster
Pastel Moonster 3 tundi tagasi
Am I the only one who thinks Andrei with a nose is kind of unsettling?
Bishesh Thapa
Bishesh Thapa 3 tundi tagasi
PrimCylinder 890
PrimCylinder 890 3 tundi tagasi
Can you plz do a video on Mini Ladd I know you probably don’t read the comments past first few days of your video being uploaded but if you do happen to read this could you please respond and make a video talking about the situation
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 4 tundi tagasi
a video on it but forgot it, and I seriously hope he doesn't do a face reveal BECAUSE something as big and as viral as "Dream" shouldn't seep into someone's personal life.
Wallace 4 tundi tagasi
Darkness KING
Darkness KING 4 tundi tagasi
Here is shows Logan is better
Darkness KING
Darkness KING 4 tundi tagasi
Here is shows Logan is better
Darkness KING
Darkness KING 4 tundi tagasi
Hail logan
Darkness KING
Darkness KING 4 tundi tagasi
Here is shows Logan is better
Darkness KING
Darkness KING 4 tundi tagasi
Hehe boi
Simion Ciobaniuc
Simion Ciobaniuc 4 tundi tagasi
Im from romania
Azhar Rizvi
Azhar Rizvi 4 tundi tagasi
Andrei after getting demonised: Years of academy training gone to waste!
Just Ryan
Just Ryan 4 tundi tagasi
For some reason i just love how drake goes kay kay do you love me And does the floss
TB gaming
TB gaming 4 tundi tagasi
Bro make video on CARRYMINTE if you want view
TB gaming
TB gaming 3 tundi tagasi
@soinhu foitu I know girl but I am talking about CARRYMINTE he is 26 M
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 3 tundi tagasi
now he is 11m
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams 5 tundi tagasi
i saw ur face
Trenton Moonias
Trenton Moonias 5 tundi tagasi
Parents are greedy, plain and simple
Nishi 5 tundi tagasi
W8 wot, you got demonetized from those vids? I just got ads from them tho... EEpost hhhmm care to explain? AHAHAHA
gulabchand 5 tundi tagasi
I saw this before the animation. Boy was I confused
PokeBoi Psyduck
PokeBoi Psyduck 5 tundi tagasi
It’s like when you and your buddy are the imposters
chef Jonrey tv
chef Jonrey tv 5 tundi tagasi
Its struggling....see u in screen.
-Tock -
-Tock - 5 tundi tagasi
Remember to donate to Wikipedia instead of Pokimane
Samiyo T.L
Samiyo T.L 6 tundi tagasi
I am unsubscribe
DylanseveN Studios
DylanseveN Studios 6 tundi tagasi
EEpost is getting wayyyyyy too comfortable with these non-skippable ads
silas lp
silas lp 6 tundi tagasi
The FBI Cat
The FBI Cat 6 tundi tagasi
I literally saw i became a millionaire at age 1
mohit anand
mohit anand 6 tundi tagasi
Hey thats a song "dilbar dilbar".... not pewdipie
Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari 6 tundi tagasi
Andri with hair scares me
Graham Jenkins
Graham Jenkins 6 tundi tagasi
I am not a Roalist and from the UK. 368m Buckingham Palace repair over 10 years. And there are kids living in poverty relying on free school meals so the can have atleast one hot meal a day. And every Xmas the queen tells us to think about those who are less fortunate. . .
intelectual kirbo rex
intelectual kirbo rex 6 tundi tagasi
LOGAN 4life u all dum Hehe boi
Tong Ken Xuan
Tong Ken Xuan 6 tundi tagasi
Andrei you should make how among us is stupidly overated.
AF Guy
AF Guy 6 tundi tagasi
Damn, good content! Why didnt i find u sooner!?
SREYOSHI DEY 6 tundi tagasi
You are not serious about the "pewdiepie" song. Right? It is actually hard to think of " dilbar " as" pewdiepie "
AF Guy
AF Guy 7 tundi tagasi
The neighbors might be like "Oh looks like the kid's making a video again with all the shouting"
Sonicbot 7 tundi tagasi
What about the Munkey Jones situation?
Pie-rate Coal
Pie-rate Coal 7 tundi tagasi
Wait this was a year ago? Damn
Star Wars Studios
Star Wars Studios 7 tundi tagasi
I want to become animator I made some animations, u can check them
Comrade Tes
Comrade Tes 7 tundi tagasi
Waiting for the kids to come!
Waterboyz Minecraft and more
Waterboyz Minecraft and more 7 tundi tagasi
This vid deserves more views
Cohen Jordan
Cohen Jordan 7 tundi tagasi
Andrei do be awkward tho
Boom Bloom
Boom Bloom 7 tundi tagasi
Bro I just realised I was drinking tea
Jamal A. AlShehab
Jamal A. AlShehab 7 tundi tagasi
I’m pretty sure you have an upcoming youtooz figure
Stone Benj
Stone Benj 7 tundi tagasi
me: Is fourteen BJ
전진우 7 tundi tagasi
People : Ban Alinity Twitch : Instructions unclear, banned a bunch of male streamers
AI Phoenix
AI Phoenix 7 tundi tagasi
2.7 million views. 2.7 million subscribers. Perfectly balanced as all things should be.
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig 8 tundi tagasi
Can we have a moment of silence for Andrei’s carrier😢 btw how do little kids watch this garbage👁👄👁
sklandog 8 tundi tagasi
You've managed to mix 2 of my favorite EEpost things: Stupid Internet Drama and Animation. Thx
Nate Doktor
Nate Doktor 8 tundi tagasi
PewDiePie and Marzia, in my opinion, were an insider power couple. Then when Marzia’s channel found success they became an outward power couple. It’s up for debate if they still are but with their clothing brand and other ventures, I think so.
Lopi 8 tundi tagasi
Friend: so bro, wheres your girl? Me: Shit bro i cant answer that question i sneezed 3 times this morning.
Anakin Owens
Anakin Owens 8 tundi tagasi
Brok in the oringinal pokemon show 2:45
sklandog 8 tundi tagasi
Also I think Morgan is kinda drunk. slot like me but I am actually drunk
Wild account
Wild account 8 tundi tagasi
Ok if she demonetize this shes defenitly a clown
Daniel kyle Tarroza
Daniel kyle Tarroza 8 tundi tagasi
We watch the videos cuz its cringy/funny. Hope this helps to understand the algorithm
Black Leaf
Black Leaf 8 tundi tagasi
What about me can u put me on ur next vid plz cuz I wanna have subcriber ihave only 80 something
Eric Lawrence
Eric Lawrence 8 tundi tagasi
Uh, Actually Edward VIII continued his life as a prince, Nothing changed.
big Justin Y.
big Justin Y. 8 tundi tagasi
2:23 ya welcome
Luca Castellano
Luca Castellano 8 tundi tagasi
He sells golden eggs
Deyaniris Anastasia
Deyaniris Anastasia 8 tundi tagasi
maybe she is the of twitch and betrayed them
xSolid Waterx
xSolid Waterx 8 tundi tagasi
I forgot he existed. I said something crappy and people started coming to my channel and stalking it giving me so much hate. Humans make mistakes and that's okay, what's not okay is not apologizing for it or not changing.
king Dog 58
king Dog 58 9 tundi tagasi
bhag reddy
bhag reddy 9 tundi tagasi
yuri lulao
yuri lulao 9 tundi tagasi
That should be a fact but unfortunately it has two sides of the coin
「Bᴀɴᴀɴᴀ ᴘᴇᴇʟ」
「Bᴀɴᴀɴᴀ ᴘᴇᴇʟ」 9 tundi tagasi
5:34 tahts when the perv stuff is gone I did dis for ur guy’s safety I did not see the perv part bc it was blurred out but still
iplaystuff69 9 tundi tagasi
Every Morgz video: whhhhattttsss uppppp guuyss today I’m going to be attempting to mail my self with my mom for ten thousand dollars challenge
xSolid Waterx
xSolid Waterx 9 tundi tagasi
I didnt understand half of this because I have small brain but- Who are we voting i dont understand? Guys we need to vote an IMPOSTER this round
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo 9 tundi tagasi
Me: finds holographic pasa 10 charizard in wallet You were wrong. My wallet is the imposter of all wallets. One of a kind and really hard to get
Olivarr 9 tundi tagasi
youtube bum boy
Cobrah 9 tundi tagasi
" ur not funny" - leafy
LIITEL GORLS 9 tundi tagasi
I became Millard at age 10000- true
xSolid Waterx
xSolid Waterx 9 tundi tagasi
I unfortunately did the whole "making it public" with a fight I'd had with my two very good friends. I've deleted the video and apologized since then. I'm still not mature I dont think I'm trying to grow as a person but heads up if you make something messy public it wont make anything better.
Quentrell Thomas
Quentrell Thomas 9 tundi tagasi
Not mrbeast
LIITEL GORLS 9 tundi tagasi
When did I ask for a; history leason
rG1vZ 9 tundi tagasi
At least the among us collab with pewds and his friends made her more tolerable, and it seems like she's not holding grudges (at a glance anyways)
Sadia Tazmin
Sadia Tazmin 9 tundi tagasi
PewDiePie VS T-Series what about SSSniperwolf!?!
DENDY GAMERINO 10 tundi tagasi
Lobby Mind
Lobby Mind 10 tundi tagasi
Subscribe to Pewdiepie Unsubscribe to T series
kayj bear
kayj bear 10 tundi tagasi
Nice face reveal very sly
Victor Alvarenga
Victor Alvarenga 10 tundi tagasi
lets buy morgz woter
plz sub
plz sub 10 tundi tagasi
Wilfur probably makes his money by selling his magical wilfur eggs
Zombi_TicTacz 10 tundi tagasi
This what I've been trying to tell people smh
Marcus Fox
Marcus Fox 10 tundi tagasi
Simp! No sub. xD Hiss...