Grey Reads The 25th Amendment
Supreme Court Shenanigans!
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Weekend Wednesday
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CGP Grey was WRONG
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TEKOI -- Grey's Commentary
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Lockdown Productivity: Spaceship You
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Going to the Weed Research Lab in Colorado
The Trouble With Tumbleweed
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Your Theme
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🌍 Which Planet is the Closest?
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Re: Which Planet is the Closest?
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I, Phone
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Your Family Tree Explained
Zijun Li
Zijun Li 10 tundi tagasi
In conclusion: It's a tax on the STUPID
Oldschool gamer and Lover
Oldschool gamer and Lover 10 tundi tagasi
The Hershey Dog
The Hershey Dog 10 tundi tagasi
It is the same situation now but with California who actually wants to leave
Connoissuer_Of_Classieness 10 tundi tagasi
Oh how much I want to work my way to be the person to do a roll call when everyone is gone to see what happens.
Survoltron 10 tundi tagasi
Why is grey changing so many of his old videos thumbnails???
Erdem 10 tundi tagasi
10:59 Best Part!
Starpro 89
Starpro 89 10 tundi tagasi
Your animations NEVER cease to amaze me.
wallpello ಠ_ಠ
wallpello ಠ_ಠ 10 tundi tagasi
You missed how many were pressed into service
HorribleTM 11 tundi tagasi
Chris Tuttle
Chris Tuttle 11 tundi tagasi
They're smart to not want free travel. I have no idea why the other stuff matters though.
Ushio Cheng
Ushio Cheng 11 tundi tagasi
As I have said: I don't mind government reviewing my data to make me safer, but no government can promise the data can only be viewed by itself. So I choose to keep everything to myself. Also for the people who don't care about publishing their data: How, as a business, do you feel about your competitors just go to the government and buy your data. (This have happened dozens of times in China, a country in which no IM apps are fully E2EE)
shinobody 11 tundi tagasi
Can't we engineer a virus that only spreads in tumbleweed?
Ushio Cheng
Ushio Cheng 11 tundi tagasi
Double-blind drug experiment tho.... Here is a real story: Someone diagnosed with Depression have been voluntarily participate in a drug experiment. I don't know she have received the nocebo or what but there is almost a suicide attempt (side note that the method she planned is ... very effective in a sense). What I hate about is that SSRIs have withdraw symptoms and if she is the control group(i.e. received nocebo) she would experience worsen symptoms and if no one have take care of her she would possibly die. Also, on the flip side the scientist does offer her to live in hospital in case anything went wrong but they also allowed her to opt-out that. (in another sense it is not like no MDD patients have suicided successfully (i know but I don't have a better word) in hospital) I am not against double-blind experiment. But scientists please be more careful about what you guys are doing. Also, just on this topic. What if someone's life depends on a drug (e.x. type 2 diabetes and all kinds of psychological disorders)? Then it is not that moral for scientists to replace it with nocebo for drug experiments?
Angel 11 tundi tagasi
2:01 look at Grey using sanitizer on his hands. As soon as february '19 he already knew...
Alexandru Mihnea Boiangiu
Alexandru Mihnea Boiangiu 11 tundi tagasi
Too early. 8 years too early.
11footmidget 11 tundi tagasi
I like how people who admit that the education system is broken also tho k that the populous vote should matter. If you are uneducated, then how can you know what is good for an entire country, if you don't even know what is good for yourself. We have an entire nation of uneducated people who think they know better and blame business for their poverty, instead of their lack of profitable skills and knowledge. Why then should these people have any say in goverment.? In fact, most of the impact of voting is at the local level, which is why our nation is so poorly run in the first place, BECAUSE the local level is determined by votes. People vote decade after decade for people with harmful policies with no moral character, and you get California.
Solar Polar
Solar Polar 11 tundi tagasi
Top Ramen
Top Ramen 11 tundi tagasi
You sunk my dragon-tyrant!
Ro Bert
Ro Bert 11 tundi tagasi
That was brutally true. Love it :)
mmaaxx1198 11 tundi tagasi
Pre Covid animations.
Key A
Key A 11 tundi tagasi
...I don't like that music though. It sounds like it belongs among background music for a horror videogame. Nice under the right circumstances, but not really something I'd enjoy listening to at almost any time.
Flame Of Phoenix
Flame Of Phoenix 11 tundi tagasi
This neck is really scary
Fsxpilotman T.V
Fsxpilotman T.V 11 tundi tagasi
Don’t break
HarhaMedia 11 tundi tagasi
I've tried to talk to my other brain part thingie but I cannot get a word out of its mouth. How do I do that? i want the poor thing to have some control. Being him would be my worst nightmare.
Sam Powell
Sam Powell 12 tundi tagasi
I wouldn’t say that England thinks it’s in the ocean because of America but mostly because it views itself as far removed from mainland Europe, more of a push than a pull
Fabio Ferrari
Fabio Ferrari 12 tundi tagasi
Ha ha funny, high fives to strangers, you're funny
Nothing Much
Nothing Much 12 tundi tagasi
This did not answer my geography question. dislike
jke 12 tundi tagasi
New title?
that guy
that guy 12 tundi tagasi
Lol miles of road with no street lights, try driving around new zealand. Nonetheless great video gray, you get my subscription XD
Just another Jarhead
Just another Jarhead 12 tundi tagasi
All of this talk about Electoral is folly. If you just cracked the iron grasp that the 2 party system has on us, the free representation of 3rd parties would liberate the system, and balance the vote, and they way candidates, debate, campaign etc... not to mention in 2020, can you imagine how DIFFERENT this year would be if we actually had a third party candidate to actually get matching federal funds, and be heard by all? It would be worth it, just to watch how the other two changed their strategy. This year as an example the Libertarians are on the ticket for ALL 50 States, yet... they system keeps them repressed. Is that what we want?
DOGMA1138 12 tundi tagasi
We all know that once everyone dies Jack Bower becomes president.
Bobo with the Dodo
Bobo with the Dodo 12 tundi tagasi
Object Not Found
Object Not Found 12 tundi tagasi
Ow ouchie ow ow my ears ouch ouwie it hurts why does this hurt ouch ouwie
Uncle Of The Van Der Linde Gang
Uncle Of The Van Der Linde Gang 12 tundi tagasi
Hmm I should be doing homework but I’m watching this dude driving for 50+ minutes. Pretty quality content though
GATES BROWNE 12 tundi tagasi
Heres the thing about the electoral college that kinda got skipped in this video. It represents POPULATION not voters. IF you go to a system with representation of voters, a slim majority will choose the president bc voter turnout is not high in the US. If you choose to do it by population, youre just remaking the electoral college and not really changing anything. Plus you can always break up the big states if they get too many voters. Cough Cough california
RovakX 12 tundi tagasi
So? how'd it go?
RovakX 12 tundi tagasi
So? how'd it go?
Owen Toad
Owen Toad 12 tundi tagasi
It’s really the winner take all that is the big problem.
Fabio Ferrari
Fabio Ferrari 12 tundi tagasi
The Algorithm brought me here just to get ready for the second wave
GATES BROWNE 12 tundi tagasi
If the president wins these 11 states... puts California and Texas on the list. Cuz that will ever happen
Lucas Liso
Lucas Liso 12 tundi tagasi
Question for you: How does a place go about joining the United States? Like, is it possible for a non-United States place like, say, Spain, to formaly request to be part of the United States? And if they can, do they join as what? Is it like a Puerto Rico situation, or they can join as full fledge state number 51?
Joe H.S
Joe H.S 13 tundi tagasi
Let’s get real, the only reason why Americans don’t wanna add Porto Rico or any other territories as states is because they don’t wanna update their flag.
Yan 13 tundi tagasi
I can't believe I sat through the entire 50 min youtube video without skipping at all. Subbed!
Juango 500
Juango 500 13 tundi tagasi
HEY! You can't just make a "I wanna ask ___" loop! we can't get any sequels after that!
odai moustafa
odai moustafa 13 tundi tagasi
pennies you had just ONE job
Owen Toad
Owen Toad 13 tundi tagasi
90% of these comments are triggered because of the delegates. (Not saying I don’t agree though)
Jace Korb
Jace Korb 13 tundi tagasi
anybody else doing this in rgms
Mihiro Parashar
Mihiro Parashar 13 tundi tagasi
I love how there was an ad in the beginning
wthrill 13 tundi tagasi
unfortunately, if youre reading this, youre probably not gonna get to experience immortality. We're all probably members of the last few trains to the dragon, if theres not centuries before we discover it
Vul,can,t Games
Vul,can,t Games 13 tundi tagasi
he makes two points that contradict each other, 1. that electors in the electoral college should be exact to population rather than states. 2. he states that we should abolish the electoral college and be a direct democracy with no electors.
TheLanittaja47 13 tundi tagasi
There are valid arguments, but the change will be much slower than Grey is expecting. I can't imagine how one would replace low skill workers such as construction workers, machine operators, barbers, shop assistants or even assembly line workers. Even in 2020 it is quite often cheaper to hire more people to do simple tasks instead of buying automated equipment (even where workforce is really expensive [for example Nordic Countries]). If the initial investment cost is high and the amount of work is uncertain, the investment is not worth it. Automation is likely to cause major change in transportation before anywhere else, but I don't see that coming in the next 10 years. Autonomous vehicles are as strong as their weakest link, and even one place where it's unable to navigate is a critical and quite literal roadblock. I think that transportation on rail will be automated first, since you don't have to care about the environment that much. You can put as many sensors on the equipment as you like, you can control everything, and you can automate the whole system at once (say metro or light rail system). But in many places that has proven too difficult. Next would be long haul trucking on highways, but that wont happen before autonomous vehicles are reliable enough, that the 'driver' is not in charge of the vehicle's actions or accidents. I can't see that coming before 2035. I mean, if an autonomous vehicle crashes, who is in charge and what is being done to avoid such accidents in the future. And how are you supposed to trust your autonomous car, when it can't even turn the headlights on when it's dark. Yes, you can build automated warehouses, but you can't pick a box or any other object from a pallet without human. The investment and maintenance cost's are huge, and the warehouse isn't flexible. Not to talk about the threat of cyber attack or loss of power etc. Anything with a GPS can be blocked with cheap devices. Data streams can be interrupted quite easily, and yet devices using this technology must be reliable and fail safe. How is a robot to fill shelves on a grocery store? Or cut your hair? Or pick coffee beans or strawberries? Maintain roads or facilities? Build anything? Do teaching (we know how online school is for kids)? It's really hard to imagine a robot revolution, when I see people doing simple jobs (production line assembly/feeding machines/flipping or inserting parts) that I thought were automated a long time ago, because it's cheaper to pay people 20€/hour and spend another 10€/h for insurances, equipment etc. than building a machine to do the job (or general purpose machines to do the job).
Sh1pp0K1tsune 13 tundi tagasi
This is honestly one of the best videos on YT.
Jeff Boyles
Jeff Boyles 13 tundi tagasi
Good luck changing it crybabies. Would take 2/3 of both chambers of congress and 75% of the states. Not happening
chris Hans matthews
chris Hans matthews 13 tundi tagasi
if there are no jobs then I guess we just get to chill
Shr; oob
Shr; oob 13 tundi tagasi
Actually Technoblade owns Antarctica
P. D
P. D 13 tundi tagasi
No overhead storage. Tug under seat. Would need re-engineering seats. No big deal.
Joe H.S
Joe H.S 13 tundi tagasi
“Each representative doesn’t get one vote, each STATE gets one vote” Everyone: COME ON NOT AGAIN
Jackson Lee
Jackson Lee 13 tundi tagasi
Ely Nevada is pronounced like eelee.
kacike 13 tundi tagasi
Do a video like this with morden pirates please
Sauvanto 13 tundi tagasi
Grey is right-handed
Joe H.S
Joe H.S 13 tundi tagasi
“Government isn’t a sport where a singular winner must be determined” US: well yes but actually no
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson 13 tundi tagasi
Kinda cool to see someone come from across the Atlantic to the conference house when I live three blocks away and never rly put much thought into the house.
Big Wang
Big Wang 13 tundi tagasi
I wish I had some boody in hand lol
Chanin Lloyd
Chanin Lloyd 14 tundi tagasi
Point of order. The crest of the city that was featured on Paddington Station is actually just the crest of the Great Western Railway and also featured the crest of the city of Bristol in the west. Whilst it's money may have been used they didn't really control or manage Paddington station. The Great Western did
BouncingBob 14 tundi tagasi
We really need that video on how the european union works now.... because it is hideously complicated
Henrix98 14 tundi tagasi
Maybe the seats should be given in a way that minimises the difference between votes and seats
Simon Coppack
Simon Coppack 14 tundi tagasi
Just ban all cars?
Devin Van Hine
Devin Van Hine 14 tundi tagasi
This is such an interesting topic! Do you have references or further reading of we wanna learn more?
Electric8oogaloo 14 tundi tagasi
I dont have class tomorrow and tomorrow is a wednesday, lets see how this goes
Detroitdave 14 tundi tagasi
It's actually way simpler than he's trying to make it seem. Not a fan of this style of video
Th'kaal 14 tundi tagasi
*Sigh* Rehashing Spock Must Die? Seriously? Then, it's explained to Barclay that YOU ARE BEING KILLED! They bring this up in an episode. Then you bring up Riker being split and then say how it has to be that they kill one. *Sigh* Idiots.
Samarth K
Samarth K 14 tundi tagasi
this aged well
Vitman 14 tundi tagasi
We should have had a 3 day weekend long ago already. When thinking about how much we've streamlined since at least the 1970's, (then we had 8 hour work days and 2 day weekend) many 100%'s, it's crazy we still keep working these hours and dont get more weekend. And realise this, the average salary for a regular worker have actually gone BACKWARDS. Hmm, I can guess who are holding us back and only wants more money and us producing more.
Samuel's World
Samuel's World 14 tundi tagasi
Xar 94
Xar 94 14 tundi tagasi
Because the robot is watching i will comment.
Jasmine Gallagher
Jasmine Gallagher 14 tundi tagasi
This man went above and fucking beyond to give us info about a guy I have never once heard of.
Edotrin Kapuska
Edotrin Kapuska 14 tundi tagasi
The content of the video is good but you need to change the way you speak. U like nanaananananan and voice ups daadadad and again anannanananananan voice ups adadda and change the music behind . Im exhausted to listen that same song every second.
Sergeant Sharkseant
Sergeant Sharkseant 14 tundi tagasi
*notes down to reinstall a monarchy in germany to also get 160 mio. units of whatever money you want
An Vode
An Vode 14 tundi tagasi
“When approval rates couldn’t be lower yet re-election rates couldn’t be higher, you will know you have succeeded.” CGP Grey, ‘The Rules for Rulers’